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Get Ready For Your Glossiest Hair Yet!


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Shinefinity is here! And it’s the new zero-damage, demi-permanent colour treatment our tresses have been waiting for. Get ready for a new colour service that makes your hair shine so good, you can feel it! We thank you - super smart scientist types at Wella Professionals. You’ve made our hair so happy!

Every now and then, there is a magical moment in the world of beauty, when a breakthrough product or treatment is born. One that will change things forever. And this is one of those moments! Say hello to Shinefinity. The incredible in-salon colour treatment from Wella Professionals that takes your hair from OK to OMG amazing!

You know something special has arrived when the Grazia team are all clamouring to try it out for the Insta reel. Look out for that!

So what is it about Shinefinity that is causing such excitement?

Well, imagine your hair on a good day. The kind of day where you catch your reflection in a mirror or window, and think - wow that girl has really great hair...oh wait that’s me! Now imagine your hair on its best day ever….and some! Well, that's what Shinefinity does. It’s like a real-life filter for your hair.

Shinefinity gives you a healthy-looking shine and irresistible hair feel. Perfect for giving coloured hair the vibrancy and vitality it deserves. It’s also an absolute boss when it comes to gloss. Your hair will be super shiny! There's a promise of zero lift so your natural hair colour won't shift, and it fades out true to tone. And it’s zero damage, so you get great looking hair and gorgeous glossiness without the guilt.

Because Shinefinity is a Wella Professionals in-salon service you can savour the salon experience, and let a professional stylist work their magic for you. And let's be honest no one does hair like a professional. You never quite get that same high end results at home.

The Shinefinity clean formulation boosts the finish effect on coloured hair, with long lasting results, even after twenty plus washes. These long lasting glazes boast over thirty shades, across four categories - warm, natural, cool and booster. So there’s infinite possibilities to liven and revive your hair.

Whether you want to enhance coloured hair including blondes, or natural hair, the results speak for themselves. There’s even a selection of clever glazes, like the Shinefinity shimmer melt glaze, which gives a modern painted hair effect. Shinefinity is also the ideal treatment for between colour appointments, when you want your locks to look extra luscious. Perhaps for a special occasion. Bold, bright, brilliant - this truly is the hair treatment we’ve all been waiting for.

Shinefinity is a hair hero too! There’s zero ammonia, zero silicones, zero drying alcohols, and zero animal derived ingredients. Wella Professionals really has gone all out.

Thanks to Shinefinity it’s definitely time to shine. So get ready to admire your mane in every mirror and window you pass…because that girl with the great hair - that’s YOU!!

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