Top Ten Hair Tips From The Industry Pro’s – Charles Worthington, Josh Wood & Adam Reed

Top Ten Hair Tips From The Industry Pro's, Including Charles Worthington


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We love an insider tip, be it the best hidden gem cleanser, how to apply a cream blusher or a hack to stop hair looking dull. We’re always on the lookout for new things and love sharing them with you lot. This week we’ve been speaking to ten of the industry’s best hair stylist and hairdressers to ask them what their No.1 hair tip/trick is. We’re loving the answers we got…

How to stop hair turning green after swimming - Jo Hansford

"If you have blonde hair and it turns green after excessive swimming, crush 12 aspirin into a jug of warm water then rinse your hair with it, soaking the ends thoroughly. This will remove the green and return your hair to blonde."

Dry shampoo doubling up as a texturising spray -Luke Hersheson, Hersheson’s

"I like to use dry shampoo as a styling product as well as to take away grease – it gives a great matte texture to hair and can create that undone bed-head look within seconds. I always do this to Sienna Miller’s hair on shoots and it works a treat."

Hair-dye hack -Maleeka Taher, Four London

"If planning an all-over hair colour try not to wash your hair on the day you plan to colour it. This allows the natural oils on the scalp to help protect against sensitivity to the chemicals in the tint."

How to nail that perfect blonde hue -Josh Wood, Josh Wood Atelier

"When I'm creating Elle Macpherson's surfer blonde locks I always use a combination of foil and balayage to de-regulate the way the colour falls and make it look more natural. Keeping colour at its freshest is one of the most important factors to me and I always recommend using Wella Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner."

Prevention is key - Chelm Rox, Hari's Salon

"Make sure your hair is soaked with fresh water before going into the sea or a swimming pool. The fresh water limits how much salt water and chlorine can be absorbed and therefore creates an invisible barrier, preventing large amounts being absorbed into the hair."

A genius way to dye your hair without irritating your scalp - Louise Galvin, Louise Galvin

"If you suffer from a sensitive scalp when colouring your hair, my father Daniel Galvin discovered years ago that adding a couple of sachets of Sweet ‘n’ Low (in the powder form) to your colour mix helps to stop sensitivity."

Hair extensions without the upkeep - Neil Moodie, Windle & Moodie

"I did a great technique on Gwyneth Paltrow recently for a shoot which is perfect for those who don’t want to have hair extensions, nor have the time to put them in but want to add some instant extra length or volume. This comes in the form of a half wig which is easy to fit and makes such a difference. All you have to do is match the colour to your hair and then fit along the back of the head, covering the crown down to the nape. Then you blend into your hair and you’re good to go. Try Hairaisers or American Dream or check out the WAM Speed Wefts."

How to tousle/style your hair without heat appliances - Charles Worthington, The House of Charles Worthington

"Tousled hair looks great in the evening, and you don’t necessarily have to use styling appliances (especially if you are in a warm, humid climate). Twist chunks of hair around your finger and hold with grips near the scalp, leaving them in while you get ready. The head in the air will be enough to dry your hair and give it some texture, so when you take out the grips you will end up with a relaxed evening look."

Ketchup is must-have for blondes - Adam Reed, Percy & Reed

"For blonde hair that has gone green from chlorine or salt water, shampoo your hair as normal, then rinse Tomato Ketchup through your hair and leave it on for about 5 minutes. Then give your hair a really good shampoo and treat the hair with a rehydrating mask such as Percy & Reed Totally TLC Masque. The red tones and the acid from the vinegar helps to neutralise the green!"

How to get hair like Anne Hathaway - Stephen Low, Neville Hair & Beauty

"A great tip I often tell clients which I did on Anne Hathaway's hair for the premiere of One Day is to use Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric to create a soft modern 1940's wave. It’s so easy to use and works on most hair types – it’s my failsafe hair hero!"

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