The Tinsel Hair Of The 2010s Is Making A Comeback And TikTok Is Obsessed

Want to try the look at home? You need patience and a steady hand

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Tinsel hair is the latest beauty trend to have taken TikTok by storm and here's everything you need to know about it. First off, TikTok didn't discover tinsel hair. Tinsel hair first became a 'thing' back during the 2010s. It involves tying wispy, long strands of tinsel material onto tiny sections of your own hair. It's a statement hairstyle that's eye-catching and relatively inexpensive to achieve. What's not to love?

With one tinsel hair video on TikTok has reeling in an almighty 2.7m views, it's clear we're witnessing a tinsel hair revival. So how is it done? Take a look at the videos below and read on for detailed instructions:

If you've got a pack of tinsel strands at your disposal, then all you'll need is a lot of patience and a very steady hand. Take a single strand of tinsel and slip-knot it over a tiny section of hair, as close to the root as you can get. Repeat as many times as you can manage - the more tinsel you get in there the more even and eye-catching the effect. Some TikTokers have gone so far as to fix their tinsel in with bonds, as you would hair extensions, but that requires heavy commitment to a very seasonal hair look (and it's not particularly kind to hair either).

There's no rhyme or reason to the beauty trends that make it big on TikTok but it's likely that Katy Perry's 'fairy hair' at the CMA Awards in November paved the way for tinsel hair. Look closely and you'll see a few purple and blue tinsel strands weaved through her up-do.

Katy Perry

Need another look at the tinsel hair technique? Watch the video below:

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