Everyone’s Talking About Tinsel Beard

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Everyone's Talking About Tinsel Beard

by Sara Macauley |
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Now that the man bun’s had its moment and the glitter beard has been washed down the drain, we’d naively assumed that modern men everywhere would give up, go home and settle for a nice, freshly washed head of hair. We were wrong. The latest trend to be rolled out by the cleverly coiffed men of Instagram is… wait for it… Tinsel Beard.

Men all over Instagram have had a Christmas-beard overhaul and decided to decorate their beards with multi-coloured tinsel. Weaved through, piled on top, hung from their ears – the possibilities are sadly endless.

While the trend might provide some temporary tinsel-fuelled joy, we’re not quite sold on the practicality of the look. What if there’s a strong wind? Or a magpie?

Some would argue that Tinsel Beard is the epitome of Christmas merriment in follicle form, while others (me) would suggest that tinsel is better left on the tree. We’ll let you be the judge of this one:

Why not try Tinsel Beard with company? Find a pal. Get some tinsel. Mission Complete.

Or opt for an intricate weave, like this guy.

Next level Tinsel Beard, this festive facial hair just looks like actual tinsel.

A fancyman of the Tinsel Beard world, this guy has done for an S shaped curl. Festive AF.

Well, at least he tried.

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