6 SS17 Hair Trends: Hairstyles For Long Hair

How are the A-list wearing their long hair this season?

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So, you’ve grown out your hair for summer (because in our minds summer = long hair, right?) but now it's long you are lacking a little style inspiration... Well don't fret because we are here to help. We have scoured the red carpets and analysed the changing trends to bring you some much-needed summer hairstyle inspiration, as modelled by the A-list. Hairstyles for long hair with fringe? Hairstyles for long hair updos? There are a lot of options...

Whether you want to experiment with hairstyles for long hair for prom, or just want something modern and easy, here are some seasonal hairstyles that might just get you excited.

1. Beautiful Bun

Wear your hair up this season for the red carpet glamour look: the Met Gala and Cannes Film Fesitval have been opportunities for stars to flex their sartorial nous as well as experimentation with their long locks.

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At this year's Met Gala, Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively ditched the beachy hair look and worked their blonde locks into dynamic and glamorous hairstyles.

Victoria's Secret Angels, Sara Sampio and Adriana Lima also worked with updos when they attended Cannes Film Festival this year. With their hair off of their faces, they were able to play around with bigger jewellery and bolder makeup.

2. Sleek Straight Hair

For something a little more glitzy and glam (and red carpet-appropriate), work on the texture and sheen of your long locks and then simply wear them down. It isn't a high-maintenance look to upkeep or hard to achieve, but when done right the result looks a million dollars.

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Cannes and the Met Gala saw the likes of Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Emily Ratajkowski and Jessica Chastain coax their long locks into a straight carefully parted style. Poker straight-ness isn't necessary though: these stars have let their hair have a bit of shape.

3. Curvaceous Curly Hair

Big, bouncy curls might seem a little '80s, but we're not talking about perms. To work in some volume to your hair, try blowdrying it upside down, creating a bigger, side-swept parting and then, with large curling tongs, put a few big curls into the lower third of the hair and securing with styling spray.

summer hair
Keep your bouncy curls or gentle waves looking good this winter ©Getty

Curvaceous curls is a royal look, coveted by none other than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle - the girlfriend of Prince Harry. Oh, and Eva Mendes does big hair very well, also.

4. Relaxed And Messy Hair

If you're not one to exhaust your time, effort (and money) on your hair, then you're in luck. Because if there was one season that suits the relaxed, messy hair, it's got to be summer.

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You just have to take a look at these women, whose lightly tousled hair and soft red carpet-ready waves require minimum effort to acheive but the effect is very stylish. You could even grow out your roots for the ultimate messy, too-cool-to-care look.

5. Hairstyles For Long Hair With Fringe

Are you one of those people who have always wondered what you would look like with a fringe, but never felt brave enough to do it? Well, this season could be the time you finally get those bangs trimmed.

jessica biel

Jessica Biel has rocked her bangs for as long as we can remember, and no one does it better. However, during 2017's award season, Jessica also experimented with slicking back her bangs, so don't feel like you're stuck (plus, for you commitment-phobes, fringes grow out (annoyingly) fast).

6. Chop A Long Bob

In case you haven't noticed, there seems to be a pattern in hair transformations of late, regarding length. Towards the end of 2016 and throughout 2017, celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez have ditched their long locks and opted for a long bob (aka a lob).

summer hair

So, if you've had long hair for a while now and still are not inspired by any hairstyles, then join the lob army: it'll give you a whole new lease of (hair) life.

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