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The sun is out, so it's time to de-gross your body


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You’ll have heard it everywhere already, but I’m going to say it again: Spring. Is. Here. You know what else semi-decent weather means though, don’t you? It means actually having to do a bit of a body MOT because those nine layers plus duvet coat aren’t going to be there to help you out anymore. Don’t panic though, it doesn’t have to cost a weeks wages and 22 hours in a salon, this is how to get it all in Boots for under a tenner.

Getting Rid Of The Fluff


I’m sure you’ll sympathise when I say that I’ve pretty much forgotten what a razor is - when you’re thinking about is the gas bill you need all the warmth you can get. Now the sun’s shown its face (where have you BEEN) it’s time to start tackling all of that growth. For some inexplicable reason, men’s razors and shaving foam is cheaper than ours so I suggest eschewing your usual super power triple X megatron razors and heading down their aisles for a way of getting smooth on the cheap. You could even just forget shaving foam entirely and use some of your hair conditioner because it's just as good.

Single Blade Sensitive Disposable Razors 10 Pack,89p**+ Shaving Foam,99p= *£1.88

De-Scale The Legs


Flaky, scaly legs are as just a part of winter as runny noses and drinking every alcoholic beverage ‘hot’. It’s time to get tackling though because faux reptile skin might be trending (is it? I don’t know), but on your legs, it just doesn’t quite have the same affect. One of those poofy body polish balls will sort you out - lather it up with some body wash in the shower and get massaging those limbs in circular motions. Afterwards, slather on body lotion to keep the moisture locked in and your skin will be softer than a Victoria Secrets model. Our deputy ed even swears by putting tights on straight after moisturising and sleeping in them for uber soft legs.

Body Polisher,89p + Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E Body Lotion, £1.49= £2.38

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Get A Bit Of A (Fake) Tan


When it comes to frugal fake tanning, tanning wipes are your best mate and are dead easy to use. If you’re feeling really into DIY you could try making your own out of cocoa powder or teabags (these are actual things on Pinterest; if you try any of these, please let me know the outcome because I’m sceptical). If you're not quite up for that and you’ve got some old fake tan lying around, try mixing it with some moisturiser for a paler shade so you can ease yourself in before you move on to the hard stuff.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Wipes, £2.45*

Sort Out Your Feet


Feet have taken a bit of a back seat for the last few months. No one really cares about them when all you’re doing is shoving them into pairs of thick socks and boots and slippers, do they? But sandal season is approaching, and nobody wants to see your gnarly hobbit feet without prior prep. It just wouldn’t be fair to society. Rather than dropping 20 quid on a scrub, whip up your own to get those tootsies smooth again. All you need is some sugar and oil (coconut or olive) and then you can go to town with any extras like honey or essential oils. Once you’ve done that, layer on moisturiser and whack socks on straight away whilst you sleep because the heat will help absorb the moisture. You could even use this all over if you’re not loving your body puff. The next day, finish off by giving you toenails a trim, file and polish. If your fave shade has gone gloopy, you can add a couple of drops of acetone-based nail polish remover to revive it.

Natural Collection Nail Colour in Hibiscus, £1.99 + Emery Boards 10 Pack, £1 = £2.99*

Total = £9.70 aka a BARGAIN

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