Should I Buy… The Skyn Iceland Prep For A Perfect Party Kit?

In the midst of Christmas party season, one beauty brand is slated to be able to save your face for yet one more party... But does Skyn's pre-party prep kit full of cooling gels actually work miracles?

Should I Buy... The Skyn Iceland Prep For A Perfect Party Kit?

by Jess Commons |
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Christmas Party season giveth and it taketh away.


On one hand, you've never had so much fun as when you and Gareth-from-HR sang East 17 Stay Another Day to the bemused finance team last week but, on the other, your skin is starting to resemble a dry papery wasteland, puffy and blemished.

So, you've got one more Christmas party coming up... what can you do to fix it?

Well, people are obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with the cooling gels from Iceland's Skyn skincare. This year, they've created a whole pre-party pack to cover your whole face with to help you look '10 years younger' in 'minutes'.

The pack comes with 'hydro cool firming eye gels', 'hydro cool firming face gels for smile lines', 'plumping lip gels' and 'hydro cool firming face gels for forehead'.

Put them all on together and you look like this.

Nice eh?

Once on, you're meant to keep the patches on for ten minutes. They feel lovely. Cool and refreshing. Oh, but you can't speak because of the creepy lip covering gel thing so do all your talking first.

As is always the case with these things, the results are obvious mainly to me. Pictures aren't really going to do it justice. For starters, my lips do feel more plumped - they're tingly and a little swollen (in a good way).

As for my face? I would say yeah, there's a little improvement on fine lines.

The main thing is that I feel like my face can move again. It's been hydrated without getting greasy. I can move it around without feeling like my skin is about to crack. It feels energised and rejuvenated. And soft. Oh so soft.

Am I going to finally pull Gareth-from-HR thanks to this kit? Probably not. Does it give your skin a well needed break from feeling like the arse end of a rubbish bin? Absolutely.

Prep for a perfect party kit, SKYN Iceland, £13

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