Slope-Worthy Styling: We’ve Got The Ski Helmet-Proof Hair Looks You Need

Poppy Delevingne is giving us serious braid envy mid-ski holiday, and here are a whole host of other looks you can rock on- or off-piste.

Poppy Delevingne

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Poppy Delevingne has been taking to Instagram to serve up some serious braid inspiration during her winter getaway to the slopes. Helmets are a must when skiing, which, though absolutely necessary (safety first!), sort of disrupt our hair game a tad. Helmet hair is not the one.

Top tip 1 - Pack a decent dry shampoo. It's a helmet-hair antidote that will give you a volume boost pre après ski session.

Top tip? Arm yourself with a decent can of dry shampoo when you pack. Firstly the après means that you're unlikely to have that many evenings free to wash the old barnet, so a wash in a can is a must, and secondly, a day donning a helmet means you're going to need a bit of a volume boost when you pop back to ditch your skis in the boot room and hit the bars.

Poppy Delevingne
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Style wise? Braids are a total winner when it comes to prepping hair for a day of skiing. They look gorgeous, and stop your hair from becoming a tangled mess in the wind, which it is prone to do, whether you're gliding serenely up the mountain on a chair lift, or slalomming down a red run at speed.

Top tip 2 - Once you've done braiding, tease each braid out a little for a more undone and on trend look.

Top tip with braids? To avoid the junior school look, tease them out with your fingers after you've done. This will create a more undone, effortless look. Don't forget to pull few strands free around your face too. The likelihood is that one, or a couple of these on trend braids will last you from the first lift up to the end of après at night, so have a practice before you head out and lock down a couple of styles you love. Braiding skills are pretty indispensable on a ski holiday.

Need a bit more inspiration? Browse a few of our Pinterest favourites below.

Slope-Worthy Hair Styles Sorted: Browse Our Pinterest Favourites


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Double Braid1 of 8

Double Braid

Undone Waved Braid2 of 8

Undone Waved Braid

Long Braids3 of 8

Long Braids

Single Braid With Band4 of 8

Single Braid With Band

Teased Out Braids5 of 8

Teased Out Braids

Undone Double Braid6 of 8

Undone Double Braid

Pony Tail Braid7 of 8

Pony Tail Braid

All Down8 of 8

All Down

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