Six Second Hacks: Game Of Thrones’ Khaleesi Hair For Lazy Girls

Want to look like Daenerys Targaryen but can't be arsed putting in the effort? Behold: Lazy Khaleesi Hair and Really Fucking Lazy Khaleesi Hair

Six Second Hacks: Game Of Thrones Khaleesi Hair For Lazy Girls

by Stevie Martin |
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If you want to be the Mother Of Dragons, but can’t be arsed, then this is a hairstyle you can totally do in less than 15 minutes. Which, in terms of decorative hair, is the equivalent of a nanosecond.

I got editorial assistant Chemmie Squier to give Daenerys Targaryen’s barnet a bash because while I could totally have done it (because it’s that simple) I had to vine the goddamn thing and I’m not a superhero. Or an octopus.

But seriously, give the Lazy Girl Khaleesi Hair a go if you want to make your friends say, ‘Your hair looks cool’ - and give the Really Fucking Lazy Khaleesi hair a go if you’re not willing to put in more than five minutes of effort. It’s so easy, I did it in a bathroom after being rained on.

**Lazy Girl Khaleesi Hair **

Time: 15 mins

You will need: Those little plastic bobbles that Claire’s Accessories have been championing for decades, a brush, some dragons

**How to do it: **

Text-based explanation: Part your hair, brush it loads and take your fringe out of the way (this is my favourite part of the whole process because it made me look like a little pineapple).

Gather a small section at the front and top of your head, and plait it normally – don't be messing around with any French plait shit.

Do the same on the other side, and tie them both together at the back, leaving a little tiny mini plait-ponytail.

Unravel/unplait the hair that’s below the hair tie. Repeat, but do it just underneath. Unleash your fringe.

Now, add dragons.

**Really Fucking Lazy Girl Khaleesi Hair **

Time: 5 mins

You will need: two bobbles of any sort and a brush

**How to do it: **

**Text-based explanation: **Plait your hair, throw them over your head and pin them.


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