‘Sexture’: The X-Rated Hair Trend The A-List Are Lusting Over

The ultimate bed head...

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Forget bee stung lips and that post-coital glow – perfectly messy ‘sex hair’ is a goal we've longed to achieve outside of the bedroom. Thankfully New York-based editorial hairstylist Kat Zemtsova (whose clients include Olivia Culpo among others) is on hand to help, after coining the new beauty buzzword: ‘Sexture’.

‘I have always been a fan of the hair that moves and isn’t stiff,' Kat tells Grazia. 'That is sexy hair to me – it has an amazing texture. And I was on a beauty shoot one time and and I was like "Oh, let’s call it a sexture."'

She adds: 'It’s basically hair that is not flat and just sort of messy. It’s kind of like a second or third day hair, not completely clean, but it has a sort of wave to it.’

Kat tells Grazia how to achieve the look yourself a la Gigi Hadid et al…

Mix and match your tools

'You can achieve it with a a combination of using both a one inch and a 1-1/2 inch curling iron.If you’ve just washed your hair you can naturally air dry it or blow dry it and start curling it wherever you see fit – mixing it up with bigger and smaller waves.You don’t even have to curl the whole head.'

Stock up on styling product

'Then flip the hair upside down and spray some dry texture spray. If you’re doing this look on dry hair Oribe have an amazing one and Alterna Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray is awesome too. For a cheaper option, Fructis works pretty well. Anything that’s going to give grit to the hair without making it too stiff – it’s a bit ‘ugh’ then if it doesn’t move.'

Break away

'Using my fingers I start breaking through the hair a bit without messing up the waves - you don’t want to break them up too much as you want them to do that naturally. It always helps to have a little dimension to let your sexture come through - you can do this buy painting a few highlights through the hair to create some definition. Because if your hair is one tone it can look a little flat. You can also create sexture out of really curly hair too – as long as it’s more undone - like Jamila Velazquez in Empire.'

Jump around. Really.

'Another thing I do that is a bit weird is after I’ve flipped my hair back I’ll jump for a little bit on the spot. For like 2 minutes literally just stand on the floor and jump and it will break up the hair. It actually works!'

Take notes from stars rocking ‘sexture’

'Ohh there’s so many…Kate Hudson is perfect! Gigi Hadid and Suki Waterhouse. Georgia May Jagger - it works so well with her bangs too. And Alexa Chung - she has the definition of sexture on short hair.'

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