A Look At Selena Gomez’s Hairvolution

A Look At Selena Gomez's Hairvolution


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When we think of Selena Gomez’s hair, we conjure up an image of glossy, raven waves that are brimming with body – much like her current mid-length look. However, the singer’s hair history is a catalogue of experimental colour, cuts and braids that date from her Disney days to her current campaign-clinching status.

Albeit briefly, Selena was one of the first celebs to revive the rainbow hair trend, and she rocked the bob before 2015’s craze took hold. Mermaid lengths, choppy layers and an eyelash-skimming fringe all feature on Selena’s hair timeline, making her one of our favourite stars to track when our own style needs a refresh.

So, let's take a look at her hair history, shall we? We almost forgot about that dip-dye.


Selena Gomez's Hairvolution

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As a fresh-faced Disney teen, these voluminous waves were Selena's signature.

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By 2008, the young actress was embracing an edgier 'do with poker straight lengths and slices of blonde.

Not long after, she traded long hair for a bob and an eyelash-hugging fringe.
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With the bob still intact and the fringe grown out, she boasted some caramel tones in her hair.

The length was back in 2010 when Selena wore this low, side pony.
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Remember when feather clip-ins were a thing? Selena jumped on the bandwagon.

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We wonder how much hairspray held this abundance of shiny curls in place.

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Selena started rocking the rainbow look in 2012.

We love that singer is always ready to experiment with length. Here, she clipped up her hair into a chin-brushing faux-bob.
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When dip-dyed hair was at its height, Selena bleached the tips of her mermaid waves.
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Bumper braids are one of Selena's failsafes, and this quiffed 'do is a stand-out.

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More perfect plaiting from Selena, this time with tousled tendrils and a sun-kissed tint.

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Have you ever seen such a voluminous, glamorous pony? We think not.

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This is the ultimate wet-look bun.

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Her Met Gala look was, in a word, floral. We love this statement hair accessory.

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The bob was back for Selena in May as the trend started gaining traction.

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