It’s All About The Undercut At Comic Con (Even If Jessica Alba Is Faking It)

It's All About The Undercut At Comic Con


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We've been doing plenty of frock-watching as Comic Con continues over in San Diego, but on the beauty front, there's one trend that keeps on popping up. We're talking about the undercut.

First it was co-stars Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson going matchy-matchy with their 'dos for the Sin City panel. Then another set of co-stars - Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner - arrived to represent Game Of Thrones showcasing almost identical looks to Jessica and Rosario. Is there a hair code for Comic Con that we missed?

Best Undercut Hairstyles At Comic Con 2014

Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner on the _Game Of Thrones panel[Getty]_

Of course, it makes sense that this is the hair-do du jour considering Comic Con is is full of freaks and geeks kitted out in wacktacular costumes - and while this might not be the wackiest of hairstyles, it does lend a dollop of edge to the glitzy stars.

Admittedly, Jessica Alba and Sophie Turner are faking it. While Rosario and Natalie have both shaved half of their locks for recent film roles (Natalie is starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the next Hunger Games installment, don't forget), these ladies have imitated the look by tightly plaiting one side of their hair, leaving the rest of the mane loose. Well, La Alba is playing a "dame to kill for" so the badass side-braid complete with spiky Maria Black earrings is the perfect fit.

cornrow hair celebrities.jpg

Cornrows are a less drastic way to try the trend [Getty]

Just like Alba, the faux undercut is a move favoured by stars who want to add a daring edge without any lasting damage. Take Kristen Stewart, Cheryl Cole and Cara Delevingne who play it safe with cornrows. And it's a super-simple look to emulate. Just section off your hair on the chosen side, decide how many plaits you want and get to it. Look messy? Then you’re bang on trend.

As for going the whole hog a la Rosario and Natalie, you'd certainly be in good company. Brit model Alice Dellal was an early pioneer of the shavey, ravey style, even posing for Chanel's Boy campaign avec shaved 'do. Sugar-voiced singers Ellie Goulding and Emeli Sande have also championed the look while Madonna's daughter Lourdes got clipped for a totes rebellious result.

See more of our favourite under-cutters in the gallery below...


It's All About The Undercut At Comic Con (Even If Jessica Alba Is Faking It)

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