Here’s A Lazy Girls Guide To Nail Art When You’ve Got No Special Tools At Home

Hunker down and get creative with those gloopy bottles of polish you've got lying around


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Do you look at those girls with their perfect nail art and wonder how the hell does she do it? We do. Well, it’s more likely she's been blessed with hands as steady as Katniss and a box over flowing with nail tools; not something that many people have in abundance, tbh.

But now thanks to the nail guru who is Michelle Humphrey, we have discovered a genius hack that will leave your fingertips looking mighty fly, with zero effort. And zero special equipment

Before you start you will however need some varnishes:

  • Nail file

  • Base coat

  • Top coat

  • Beige nail polish

  • Baby blue nail polish

  • Coral nail polish

And here’s how you do it:

Step One: Give your nails a quick file to neaten them up, and then apply a base coat to protect the nails – try Grow Stronger by Essie, £8.99. Once this has dried, apply a pale nude shade. We use two coats of Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Latte, £2.99 – remember that paler shades tend to need more than one coat to get a good colour.


! photo look2part1_zps8cdomqdb.gif](

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Step Two: Take your first bright colour and paint from the edge of one side of you nail, to the middle of the nail tip. Here we went for Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Maybe It's Blue, £2.99. Repear this step on all of your nails.

[! photo look2part2_zpsk2n3vmzt.gif](

** Step Three:** Once that the nail has completely dried, pick your second colour in our case it was Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Coral Craze, £2.99. And do the same but on the opposite side of the nail. Repeat this pattern on all of your nails. Slipped and painted your skin a bit? Don’t worry. 'You can remove any nail polish from the skin using a small make-up brush dipped into nail polish remover,' Michelle advises.

[! photo look2part3_zpsgrz6rzbq.gif](

Step Four: Complete with a top coat like No Chips Ahead by Essie, £8.99. That pattern looks far too good to be allowed to chip.

And you're done. Easy, right? Once you’ve got the technique down, swap in different colours to mix it up, but always remember to keep the background pale. If you’re feeling especially lazy, just do it on one nail and pretend you totally meant to rock the accent nail look.

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