Here’s How To Do The Most Epically Festive Nails, That Will Last You Right Through To NYE

These involves rhinestones and glitter so it’s pretty much imperative that you give it a go.


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The chances are that this Christmas you’ll be finding various ways to channel the festive season. Christmas jumper? Always. Eating as many mince pies as possible? Of course. Getting off your face on mulled wine? You know it. Festively sparkly nails? No? Well luckily for you, that problem has been solved so you can tick that one off your to-do list. Nail art extraordinaire, Michelle Humphrey, has come up with this uber glam GIF guide to the only nail look you should be sporting this season.

To go all out glam, this is what you’ll need before you start:

  • Nail file

  • Base coat

  • Top coat

  • Silver nail varnish

  • Glitter nail varnish

  • Selection of rhinestone jewels

  • Nail glue

  • Cuticle stick (optional)

  • Tweezers (optional)

And here's how to do it:

Step One: As usual, you need to give your nails a little loving and prep them. File and buff the nails, then apply a base coat like Essie’s All In One Base Coat, £8.99. Once that has dried, paint on your silver base; we used Maybelline’s New York ColorShow in Watery Waste, £2.99. You may need to apply two coats of this to get an even coverage.

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Step Two: Once this is dry, apply a glitter nail polish all over the nail. Yep, we’re going double glitter. We love Maybelline’s New York ColorShow in Glitter It, £2.99.

Step Four: Now it’s time for the fun part: CRYSTALS. You can get these from most craft shops or try these from Amazon. After applying nail glue to the back of the individual stones, place them on the nail (you could even uses tweezer for this bit if it's a bit too fiddly) and make sure they’re secure by pressing them down using a cuticle stick or cotton bud.

It’s true, this is, erm, a very sparkly look. But if you can't wear rhinestones on your nails during the festive season, when can you? Beware though, glitter nail polish can be a pain to get off so Michelle recommends lightly buffing over the surface before you start removing it with an acetone based remover (this will speed things up). Now, go forth and sparkle!

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