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Instagram’s not all Kardashian selfies and avocado on toast: the photo-sharing platform has rapidly become our ultimate source of hair inspiration, from intricately crafted braided styles to mermaid waves in every shade of the rainbow.

We've cooed over perfectly 'melted' opal hair, debated going grey and seriously considered opting for a dye job the colour of denim, but the latest colour trend to crop up on our feeds might just be the prettiest (and most wearable) yet.

A subtle coppery red tone with a hint of pink, rose gold makes a perfect spring colour update for those who are bored of blonde but can't commit to a deeper shade of red. It's strawberry blonde, with an Instagram-friendly edge.

rose gold hair instagram


The trend was first pioneered by early adopter Sienna Miller, who debuted a faded pink hue back in 2013. Now, Scream Queens star Emma Roberts is the latest A-lister to provide us with rose gold hair-spiration, having debuted her new colour on Instagram earlier this month.

rose gold hair instagram


Emma's coppery shade was christened 'Desert Rose' by her colourist Nikki Lee of 901 Salon in Hollywood, who used L'Oreal Inoa dye in shades 7.34 and 7n, with a gloss for an extra colour boost.

rose gold hair instagram


As you'd expect, this colour works best on those with lighter hair (naturally or otherwise), but that's not to say that brunettes can't get on board with the trend. Instead, the end result is a subtler and warmer - but equally picture-perfect - colour finish.

rose gold hair instagram


Tempted to jump on board with the trend? With festival season on the horizon, the timing couldn't be better. We spoke to Francesca Attwood, colourist at John Frieda, to find out what you need to know before heading to the salon.

rose gold hair instagram


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What should you ask for at the hairdressers if you want rose gold hair?

'Taking in pictures is always massively helpful as there are so many shades of rose gold hair and then talk through what you’re looking for with your hairdresser.'

Which hair colours does rose gold work best on?

'Rose gold looks best on pre-lightened or naturally light hair, it won’t immediately show on dark hair.'

How can people with naturally darker hair get the look?

'If you have naturally dark hair you will need to lighten it if you want a true rose gold tint.'

How much upkeep does it require?

'Most pastel and soft shades need a lot of upkeep as they are not permanent. Using a toner with a conditioner will keep the colour vibrant or using Olaplex Step 3 locks in colour when used with a cold rinse. Washing hair with a sulfate free shampoo like Color Wow Color Security Shampoo will stop the colour from leeching out.'

Is there a low maintenance way of opting for the colour if you don’t want to fully commit?

'Having a stain added to hair will help you get a feel for the colour and will only last a weekend. If you don’t want to fully commit try adding the colour to a small section of the hair underneath or one strand, that way you can see how it looks, without fully committing.'

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