Rihanna’s Newest Fenty Beauty Lipstick Shade Is VERY Relatable

Once again, Rihanna proves Fenty Beauty isn’t your typical make-up range

Rihanna’s Newest Fenty Beauty Lipstick Shade Is VERY Relatable

by Lucy Morris |
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Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Christmas coming early. Rihanna has just announced the latest shade in her Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Collection, and it’s something we can all relate to. Coined ‘PMS’, it’s a ‘moody brown’ shade, obviously.

Finally, that time of the month that’s filled with hot water bottles and mood swings has a spicy colour of its own. The espresso shade in question is just one of 14 new bullet lipsticks that Fenty will be launching on December 26th. ‘I wanted a lipstick collection where every shade works on every skin tone,’ Rihanna explained in the press release, ‘I wanted to prove that lipstick is meant to be fun, not feared.’

We aren’t the only one’s slow-clapping Rihanna’s PMS lip stain; her fan base has been quick to praise it on Twitter. One writer, Sarah MacDonald tweeted: ‘Rihanna titling one of her lipstick shades PMS has healed me from this wretched year’. Meanwhile, another user wrote: ‘Rihanna has a lippie shade called PMS my god this woman is an icon’.

A quick scour through Space NK and you’d be more likely to come across a lipstick dubbed 'Desire' or ‘Amour’ than one named after a common side effect of menstruation. But, hey, doesn’t that just sum up why Fenty Beauty is groundbreaking? Not only has the line opened up the conversation about diversity and inclusive model casting, but it’s continuing to bore through the thinly veiled hyper-sexualisation of the beauty industry.

PMS isn’t the only left field name in the range. There is Ma'Damn (a blue-y red), Spanked (a muted rose), Candy Venom (hot pink), Saw-C (orange), Up 2 No Good (nude peach), Single (pale pink), Freckle Fiesta (khaki), Shawty (warm chocolate), PMS (cinnamon), Midnight Wasabi (green), Ya Dig?! (periwinkle blue), Clapback (denim), One of the Boyz (ultraviolet), and Griselda (burgundy).

To get your hands (and lips) around this new range head to Harvey Nichols on the 26th of December before it sells out!

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