7 Days, 7 Ways: Your Foolproof Guide To Mastering Curls, Waves And Beyond

Stuck in a hair rut? We’ve got you covered, with 7 ways to switch up your style on the regular…

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Bored of your current 'do, but don't want to make the drastic commitment of cutting or dyeing your hair? Instead spruce up your look with your 7 hairstyles for 7 days. With tips from expert hair stylist Joseph Koniak (who has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, film and media, including for Bohemian Rhapsody, Harry Potter and Downton Abbey), we'll help you mix and match your looks depending on your mood, plus tell you which Revamp tools you'll need in the process.

1. The Flave

revamp hair styling how to

The Look: Spotted on the AW19 catwalks from Prada to Fendi, the ‘flave’ (or ‘flat wave’) is characterised by its notably smooth finish, which stays close to the head (making it ideal for anyone who finds backcombed ‘volume’ a little too bouffant).

The Tool: Progloss Perfect Finish Brush

The Tip: The Flave is created using the Progloss Perfect Finish Brush and wrapping random sections of the hair around the barrel, holding for a few seconds and then release the hair by retracting the brush’s bristles to create a soft, smooth and more natural curl. For a more dishevelled look, you can also simply wrap the hair around the barrel and slide it up and down for a more raw and natural finish, pulling it downward to minimise the volume.

2. The Corkscrew Curl

revamp hair styling how to

The Look: Whether you’re blessed with natural corkscrew curls or choose to fake it till you make it, the new line of super slim waving wands make defining tight curls a doddle. As well as giving your body and volume, this curl really does stay in place all day long, making it perfect for those who have trouble retaining styles.

The Tool: Progloss Tight Curl Stick

The Tip: The Progloss Tight Curl Stick is amazing for creating either natural-looking loose curls or going from poker straight hair to super tight curls. If you already have coily hair, simply wrap any unruly or frizzy strands around the curling stick and release immediately to get the definition you desire. If you are going from straight to curly hair, take more time to allow your strands to take shape into bouncy waves.

3. The Blow Out Bounce

revamp hair styling how to

The Look: The A-list blow-dry**** has long been making waves in the beauty world, and celebrities certainly love it. After all, who doesn't love a bit of bounce, volume and shine? Once seen as a style that could only be created at a salon, the blow-out bounce is now something that can be achieved at home, with the help of the right tool.

The Tool: Progloss Big Hot Round Brush

The Tip: Possibly the hidden gem of all styling tools is the ProGloss Hot Round Brush, giving you glamorous, glorious hair in an instant. You can use it with a hairdryer for extra va-va-voom or solely on it's own to add volume to your roots and smooth out those ends.

4. Straight To The Point

revamp hair styling how to

The Look: Sleek, straight and super high-impact. Straight strands have made a comeback and this season we're seeing them paired with a middle parting. Plus, if you're short on time in the mornings, then this is the hairstyle for you - it's quick and easy to create and requires minimal effort.

The Tool: Progloss Digital Touch Straightener

The Tip: The Progloss Digital Touch Straightener is remarkably effective with different heat settings and different modes to suit all hair types. First comb through the hair to ensure it is smooth and tangle free and then simply take small sections of hair, guiding it through the Progloss Digital Touch Straightener's oil infused plates to enjoy a glossy, silky, smooth result.

5. Natural Curls

revamp hair styling how to

The Look: If you have naturally curly hair but hate the frizz that comes with it, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the affect that a diffuser can have on it. Hair diffusers are bowl-shaped attachments that work by dispersing air flow from hairdryers, in turn reducing frizz and drying your curls more evenly. What you're left with is smoother, sharper curls and more volume. Dreamy.

The Tool: Progloss 5500 Dryer

The Tip: The Progloss 5500 Dryer excitingly not only has a wide concentrator, volume and smooth settings, but it's also the first of it's kind to have a bowl diffuser which enables natural curl movement in the hair. For someone with naturally beautiful curly hair, simply tilt your head to the side, gently placing the hair inside the bowl diffuser and switching it on and off between sections to allow the hair to dry in it's complete natural state. If you have straight or wavy hair, you can create movement by following this same process.

6. The Ultimate Curl

revamp hair styling how to

The Look: Haven't been blessed with curly hair, but always dreamed of having it? Now is your chance. Using the right tool can help you get mega hair drama, which is ideal if you have naturally flat, straight or thin hair and are after an extra volume boost.

The Tool: Progloss Big Hot Wand

The Tip: To create this look, simply divide your hair into sections and wrap your hair around the barrel (switching between facing towards and away from your face) for instant movement and lift, and to create a multitude of different looks.

7. Sunday Hair

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The Look: For when you can't be bothered to spend too long creating a primed style but still want to look presentable, these loose, dishevelled waves will be your new BFF. Wear with a deep side-parting for ultimate cool-girl vibes.

The Tool: Progloss MultiForm Curl & Waves

The Tip: For this look, use the 32mm wand from the Progloss Multiform Curl & Wave styling tool to create energy and movement. Taking sections from the nape of the neck to the top of the head, wrap your hair around the wand and release to create an effortless, gorgeous style.

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