Infamous Corner Of The Net Reddit Tells A Girl How To Be A Girl

Reddit's often in the news for its misogynistic crap - but it's not all bad. It gives good beauty advice, too!

Infamous Corner Of The Net Reddit Tells A Girl How To Be A Girl

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Over on Reddit's subreddit XX Chromosome, a user asked the infamous corner of the internet how she should be a girl - 'I feel like there is a lot I never learned about "girl stuff" what are some girl tips or beauty tips you wish you'd learned sooner or can't live without?' - and there were some great responses. While, of course, beauty and 'being a girl' is totally subjective (Shave! Don't shave! Make a large costume of a gillette razor out of cardboard and wear it every day!) the women of Reddit clubbed together and gave her some solid advice. And also gave us some solid advice. From using conditioner as shaving foam to top moisturising tips, here's Reddit's guide to being a girl - how many can you check off? And does it even matter? Of course not! But I genuinely didn't know you could use conditioner as shaving foam so thanks Reddit.

'PEE DIRECTLY AFTER SEX, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO. Oh the UTIs I could've avoided.' - bonerdramamama

The thread opens with an absolute stonker of a piece of advice. ‘All the positions that work to stimulate the clitoris are more likely to give you cystitis, but it’s defeating the object if you start doing positions that will decrease enjoyment,’ Dr. Helen Stokes-Lampard told us a couple of months back in this excellent piece on how to avoid getting cystitis. ‘So the best thing to do is to pee after sex. That acts as a natural shower so where bugs have been climbing. Urine is sterile, unless you’ve got an infection.’ Not a beauty tip, sure, but as a 'how to be a girl' tip it should be right up there.

'Eyebrows are the curtains for your eyes. Even if you don't do a lot of makeup, good brow game helps your whole face.' - Bumblefutz

Whether the fad is ultra thin, like when our mums were young (hence why so many mums have no eyebrows do to over zealous plucking), Cara D huge or 90s sperms, make sure your eyebrows look good. And by good, we reckon as close to natural as possible is a no brainer - because they grew that way for a reason. Unless they work as actual curtains. That's dangerous, especially when driving. Maybe sort them out.

'Use sunscreen daily to protect your skin, get your brows groomed, wash face before going to bed, moisturize your skin' - Hi_im_Callista

Yep, yep, yep and yep. Even if you've got spots, you need to get a bit of moisture on there otherwise you'll be dried out and sad like a big raisin. And don't get us started on the SPF. As the Australians genuinely say: slip, slop slap! (Yes, that is an actual campaign for wearing suncream)

'Lotion and vaseline solves all skin problems... well not all, but it makes your skin very soft and not bumpy. Also, using conditioner as shaving cream is a good tip.' - SadBeluga

Vague, sure, but worth it for the tip top hair-conditioner-as-shaving-foam advice, which we cannot wait to try.

'How bra sizes actually work, how bras are supposed to fit, even how to put them on properly. I either never learned these things before, or I learned them wrong'. - puzzledmint

Wear a bra that fits. I say, sitting in a bra that I sort of guessed at and feeling it riding up my back like a horse that rides up backs. Go to one of those specialist bra places that you'd never be able to afford, get measured and then apologise for having to dash off but you forgot your appointment at a big diamond mine to buy a diamond. Make a beeline for a way cheaper store and buy five bras in varying styles now you definitely know your size. Congrats on being the best woman ever.

'When you're putting on eyeliner, don't put it around the inner corner by the tear duct. This will make your eyes look small. Leave it blank, and put a dab of white eyeliner there to make your eyes look big...' - minouu

This is a really good eye tip that I've started using now I'm approaching the latter end of my 20s, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to mask how tired I look. Sometimes you can go overboard, though, and look like a monochromatic kaleidoscope.

'Pee on your mate to signify dominance and claim him/her as yours. i kid, i kid.' - rengreen

Heh heh heh lol.

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