A Super Easy Spring Nail Art Tutorial To Pass The Time This Loooong Weekend

Hurrah, you've got four days off! Here's some super easy nail art to try when you've watched all of the Netflix and eaten all of the Easter eggs...

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by Charlie Craggs |
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Spring is finally here, and if you've got some time to kill this looooong Easter weekend, here's some very easy nail art you can try to pass the time while your next Netflix is loading. You can personalise these and out your boo’s name on your nails…or if you don’t have a boo spell out your own name and show yourself some love. I dedicated my nails to my boyfriend Harry…Harry Styles.

Even better, the full proceeds from these nail stickers go to tackling transphobia and funding self defence classes for trans women - get some at Etsy and visit Nail Transphobia to find out more!

How to do it:

1. Apply two coats of a light-coloured nail varnish.

2. Cut around the letters of your loves name.

3. Soak the letters in water for ten seconds.

4. Place stickers (face down) onto the back of your hand.

-5. Remove paper back of stickers using swiping motion.

6. Apply the stickers onto nails using tweezers.

7. Seal with a top coat.

8. Be fabulous

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