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Looking for a hairdo that you can style in the morning and not think about until 48 hours later? Enter, the braid (or plait). Whether you've got long or mid-length hair, there's a braid to suit you and once you've had some practice you'll be able to apply them in minutes.

There are so many variations out there, from fishtails to halos, and so many ways you can make your braided do totally unique, as demonstrated by some of our favourite A-listers, below.

But, before you get styling, take note of these top plait hacks for better braids.

5 Tricks For Better Braids

  1. Throw out your hairbrush. OK, maybe don't throw it out, but set it aside for a minute. The best braids are all about volume, so _back_comb your locks rather than combing them before you start creating your plaited hairstyle.

  2. Spray locks before styling. Having hairspray laced throughout your braid rather than just sitting on top of it will help keep it in place for longer, so spritz a holding spray throughout your tresses before you start plaiting for a longer-lasting look.

  3. Add texture with a toothbrush. Buy a cheap one and use it to tease extra volume into halo braids. It's cheaper than a backcombing brush and better at getting into small braids to add height and texture.

  4. Avoid looking in the mirror while braiding. Once you've mastered your braiding technique, avoid watching yourself in the mirror while you create your style. Especially when you're creating complex halo braids or multi-strand styles. The reflection of your plaits could lead to confusion and actually put you off.

Now it's your turn to give it a go, but not before picking up a bit of A-list inspiration. From Rita Ora's halo braid and Olivia Wilde's up-do, to Katherine McNamar's loose waterfall plaits, we've found some of the best looks for you to copy at home.

Celebrity braids we LOVE:


Plaits Braids Up-Dos

Elsa Pataky Plaited Braided Hairstyles1 of 11
CREDIT: Fotonoticias / Getty Images

Elsa Pataky Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Elsa Pataky's braided up-do would work just as well on the beach as it does on the red carpet. Pin hair into sections before you start braiding to make life easier.

January Jones Plaited Braided Hairstyles2 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

January Jones Plaited Braided Hairstyles

January Jones' triple Dutch braided low-ponytail is giving us serious hair goals.

Rita Ora Plaited Braided Hairstyles3 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

Rita Ora Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Rita Ora is queen of braids - this loose halo braid is perfect for the summer months.

Rita Ora Plaited Braided Hairstyles4 of 11
CREDIT: Getty Images

Rita Ora Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Rita Ora adds a touch of sunny yellow colour to her cornrows.

Jess Glyne Plaited Braided Hairstyles5 of 11
CREDIT: Eduardo Parra / Getty Images

Jess Glyne Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Jess Glyne keeps hair simple with two neat and tidy Dutch braids and opts for statement eyeliner, instead.

Katherine McNamara Plaited Braided Hairstyles6 of 11
CREDIT: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Katherine McNamara Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Katherine McNamara's down do with waterfall braid detailing is worthy of a Disney princess, no?

Kerry Washington Plaited Braided Hairstyles7 of 11
CREDIT: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Kerry Washington Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Kerry Washington's simple braided ballet bun is a look you could (almost certainly) recreate yourself at home before work. We believe in you.

Olivia Wilde Plaited Braided Hairstyles8 of 11
CREDIT: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Olivia Wilde Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Olivia Wilde's braided bun is the object of our desire. It looks like she should thread flowers into it and frolic in a field, pronto.

Ruby Rose Plaited Braided Hairstyles9 of 11
CREDIT: Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images

Ruby Rose Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Ruby Rose's short braided hairstyle is given a boost with a touch of teal hair colour.

Sophie Turner Plaited Braided Hairstyles10 of 11
CREDIT: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Sophie Turner Plaited Braided Hairstyles

Sophie Turner supersizes her halo braid to win extra style points. We love this look on the Game of Thrones star.

Bella Thorne11 of 11

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne's badass braids would be a great hairstyle choice for the festival fields.

Need a little more inspiration for a summer hair overhaul? Try one of the prettiest braided hairstyles from Instagram.

If you’re getting married this year, start practising this gorgeous loose multi-braid style now. Or, you know, take it to your stylist and have them do it.

This Dutch braid into fishtail-pigtails is a masterpiece. Great for in-between-wash-days and festivals. Get practising, ladies.

Awesome afro + face-framing super-long braids = the kind of hair maths we approve of.

While the fishtail bun is pretty tricky, adding three loose plaits to a half-up bun is a really achievable and pretty S/S '16 hair idea.

Honestly, we can’t even… Just pop over to @BraidbyC to see how they did it. We’re in awe.

This double Dutch braid is the perfect beach hairstyle. A bit of sun and salt will make the look even prettier.

Braids meet buns with this ultra-feminine up-do.

This twisted mini-braid heart is all kinds of pretty. You can learn how to create it yourself with @hairromance’s tutorial.

This waterfall-meets-mermaid-meets-flower braid is giving us a headache just thinking about doing it. Pretty though.

Officially the easiest way to give yourself a S/S '16 makeover (and keep flyaways out of your face) – just add two mini-braids and secure with clear elastics like Chiara Ferragni.

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