How To Do Pink Makeup Without Looking Like A Disney Princess

Avoid looking like Sleeping Beauty with these 5 pink makeup commandments Artwork by Beth Hoeckel

How to do pink makeup without looking like a Disney Princess --- Artwork by Beth Hoeckel

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Sure, models manage to work it like a boss and ‘It’ girls always seem to pull it off, but us mere mortals seem incapable of wearing pink makeup without looking like Aurora Rose. It’s undoubtedly the hardest hue to pluck out of the tween zone and almost every time pink makeup comes into the picture we go for soft curls, frou frou dresses and end up looking like a cupcake doll. But, with a few simple rules you can turn this prom queen shade into preened punk colour...

1. Beware of shimmer

Nothing quite says Disney Princess like the gleam of glitter; it’s basically a call card for Prince Charming’s rescue. Avoid glitter and try creamy or glossy textures instead to stop you looking like a disco ball and while you’re at it, avoid frost pink too, unless you want to look like an extra from Frozen.

2. Know your place

The last thing you want to do is step out looking like you’re in need of Clarityn or worse, suffering a case of pink eye. If you plan on dousing your lids in pink eyeshadow, you’ll need a dark border along your lash line; a simple black flick of eyeliner or a few coats of mascara will do the trick. Also consider where you brush your blush - you’re aiming for a healthy flush of colour, not clown circles. To find the apples of your cheeks, don’t smile (this distorts everything), instead, pull a fish face to create dimples, then dust back and forth just above them.

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3. Work with what you’ve got

Ruddy skin goes berserk when teamed with particular shades of pink. Avoid looking like a blushing Cinderella by knowing what works best for you. Think of skin tone and pigment intensity as being on the same scale; for example, fair skin goes with soft pink (like salmon), medium skin with slightly deeper shades (like cerise) and dark skin with rich pigments (like magenta). Pink also emphasises any existing redness on the face, so make sure you’ve hidden all imperfections with a good concealer.

4. Mix wisely

Blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick was cool… in the eighties. Actually, it wasn’t even cool then. Skip the full face of makeup and keep your base simple by lightly dabbing foundation on your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), then blend outwards. Matchy matchy won’t work either; teaming a pink lip with a pink eye and rosy cheeks just looks like you’ve face planted a candy paint pot. Try a popping pink pout against an otherwise bare complexion, if you wants something that looks fresh and chic.

5. Dress accordingly

Dressing like a meringue will inevitably make you look like you’re heading to a ball. Stick to clean lines and sharp structures. It’ll give the pink the power it needs to go from cutesy to compelling. This goes for your hair too. Soft curls and graceful updos will no doubt result in an overall delicate look. If you want to give your makeup some POW, keep it simple with a slicked back ponytail or poker straight hair.

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Artwork by Beth Hoeckel

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