A Brief History Of Over Plucked Eyebrows Reads Like A Horror Story

‘Everybody makes mistakes’

A Brief History Of Over Plucked Eyebrows Reads Like A Horror Story

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Cara Delevingne has been hailed for having a ‘power brow’, but really it’s just a matter of perspective. Though rarely let to grow as wild as today’s, eyebrows have had a long history of grooming. From Cleopatra’s carbon-coloured bold brow to the curved arches of the 1930s (as see on Crawford below) to the ‘90s when the tweezer massacred them, it's hard to argue that size hasn’t always been an issue in this department.

From the happy stance of enjoying today’s full-bodied brows one Instagram account called @historyofoverplucking has been educating us on the crazy past of this inscrutable facial hair. Delving into the annals of history they've uncovered art, magazines and tabloid fodder to chronical the ever-changing ways of our plucking. One thing for sure, you'll come away pleased that you're living through 2017's brow trend.

1. The Work Of The Masters

The brows on this Modigliani from 1917 are more of an afterthought than a feature.

2. Hollywood Glamour

Joan Crawford sending side-eye to her brow technician.

3. Half Moons

Model Penelope Tree’s 1960s cover is a relic of when brows were needle thing, yet still feathered on.

4. Liv And Let (This Trend) Die

Liv Tyler’s fame came at the height of the anti-eyebrow movement.

5. Overcompensating

When you have to use more smokey eye shadow to make up for that grooming fiasco.

6. Dido (Or Di Don’t?)

Srsly, thought we’re living for that toxic-waste colored shadow. Noted for our next night out.

7. The Comeback

This foreboding picture taken just two months ago suggests we might be on the verge of an over plucking comeback. God forbid!

8 . And One More For Luck

One facial expression and Kate Moss has neatly summed up our feelings about skinny brows coming back.

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