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Jen Atkin's Latest Hair Launch Is Sun-In For Grown-Ups

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Remember Sun-In, the hair lightening spray that promised to lift your natural colour to a sun-kissed shade as you sat out in the sun? Much like Johnson’s Holiday Skin (the cautious tanner’s lotion of choice) Sun-In was (and is) a much-loved beauty inbetweener, a gateway product for our teenage selves to play around with before graduating to proper salon highlights (and fancier spray tans). And for every person that feels a nostalgic loyalty to the spray’s ‘botanical’ scent and Day-Glo bottle, there’ll be one who had a full-on haircare disaster thanks to overzealous spritzing.

Whether you look back on Sun-In fondly or with a lurking sense of fear, though, the concept of a fuss-free way of lightening hair – or keeping pre-existing highlights fresh between salon visits – remains golden. That’s why the latest product launch from Kardashian-approved stylist Jen Atkin’s Ouai haircare line takes inspiration from the Noughties favourite, but with an updated formula that will leave your lengths hydrated and nourished while imparting a natural, balayage-style colour lift.

Ouai’s Sun of a Beach Ombré spray, priced at £20, is formulated with lemon infused coconut water, pineapple juice and hydrogen peroxide. Discussing the product’s genesis with Allure, Atkin revealed: ‘We realised that a lot of our consumers wanted something to help with and keep their highlights fresh. I loved Sun-In when I was in high school, so we wanted to create something that gave that type of product a modern twist.'

According to Atkin, the easiest route to beachy highlights is to spritz Sun of a Beach through slightly damp, towel-dried hair and comb through, before stepping outside and letting the sun’s rays do their good work. For a more targeted colour boost, she recommends dividing the hair into sections, then spraying the selected area. ‘It’s a no brainer product for blondes, who can end up with highlights that are two to four shades lighter,’ she says.

Take some balayage hair inspiration from the A-list in the gallery below...