Drew Barrymore Has Only Just Discovered Olaplex And Loves It As Much As We Do

Drew Barrymore olaplex

by Lucy Morris |
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In the real-life game of would you rather it use to be a toss-up between coloured and brittle hair or natural and healthy. But, then Olaplex came along and changed everything. Some four years ago, the Californian start-up saved hundreds, née thousands, or women’s dry, damaged hair. Somehow this news bypassed Drew Barrymore as the actress has seemingly only just discovered this miracle elixir.

Barrymore posted on Instagram as part of her #BeautyJunkieWeekly series a photo of her stressed out hair. Fried and frizzy it looked like she’d spent hours backcombing it, in fact, it was just the work of bleach. 'OK when you get older, bleach is hard on the hair!’ she said, ‘I wanted to lighten up! But what happened was my hair just didn’t respond well this time. A few months ago I lightened my hair and it just looked dead! I am was sad. Don’t I look sad? This picture is sad! I wanted to do something to feel more attractive to myself and it totally backfired.’

An hour later Barrymore was back with a revelation: ‘Within 3 weeks @olaplex saves me!’ She added, ‘20 minutes on clean wet hair! And so quickly my hair is remarkably and clearly better. It’s curling and actually bouncing and looking like hair rather than coughed up bird feathers’

Sure, Barrymore is late to the game – we’ve been singing the praises of Olaplex fork yonks – but these before/after pictures are just further evidence of how effective it is. Using a single active ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, the product works by rebounding the broken links in hair. It may not make it soft or straight like a keratin treatment, but it will revive the health of overtreated hair *cough like Drew’s.

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