Is Nicola Peltz’s Shocking New Hair Colour Change A Secret Tribute To Victoria Beckham?

In the words of Brooklyn, "Sexy baby"

Nicola peltz brunette hair

by Grazia Contributor |

When we think of American model Nicola Peltz, one of the first things that comes to mind is her bright blonde hair. That image is going to have to change however as she is now a brunette.

Anyone who's gone through a major hair colour change will know that it ignites something within you. New make-up, new clothes, you kind of feel like a brand new person.

Understandably, Nicola is feeling herself and her return to her "roots" as she called it, posting 3 selfies in a row of her new look.

Her rich chocolate shade immediately made us think of another iconic brunette who just so happens to be Nicola's mother-in-law.

We all remember Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice) as we knew her back and her signature bob which adorned our bedroom walls and Spice Girls scrapbooks.

While Victoria might have added a few balayage highlights since those days, she has stayed true to her original colour, which now matches Nicola.

As well as her new shade, Nicola has added some wispy curtain bangs which frame her face and those stunning green eyes.

We love her as a blonde, but you have to admit that the contrast makes her eye colour all the more striking.

Clearly husband Brooklyn Beckham is a fan of Nicola's new brunette 'do as he left a comment on her post saying, "Sexy Baby".

Like all celebrities, only time will tell how long Nicola keeps her new look, but if our opinion means anything, this is definitely a keeper.

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