Inspiration: NYE Beauty That Doesn’t Include Glitter

They say give glitter to your enemies, so why would you sprinkle it on your own eyelids??

NYE Beauty That Doesn’t Include Glitter

by Lucy Morris |
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Over the last few weeks, you’ve probably had your fill of festive parties and the glitter that comes with them. It seems a prerequisite that the holiday season comes replete with stray tinsel and runaway sequins so by New Year's Eve it’s totally acceptable to have reached your fill of sparkles. It is possible to still be head-turning without being blinding, so here are six mess-free ways to still look statement-making…


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Back To Plait

Whether it's au natural or with the hidden help of a handful of extensions, a single Rapunzel style plait is a chic alternative to a high-pony. Not only is it a fantastic way to hide greasy hair, but it's also incredibly easy. No dexterity needed. Plus, it will look as meticulous at midnight as it will at 5 am on the night bus home if you sprinkle the ends with a little argan oil.

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B(r)ow down to high-definition arches. Skimp on contouring, forgo eyeshadow, but whatever you do make sure your eyebrows look fluffed up and HD. With the flick of an Anastasia of Beverly Hills (or similar) dipbrow pomade and a tinted gel you can shape your arches into dreamy bushy silhouette.

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Starry Starry Night

The nail art movement reached critical mass a few years ago. You couldn't move without seeing crackled, leopard-print or ballerina-pointed talons. But, like all good trends, it went out of fashion, but now its back, and it's a little more understated. This muted design is less try-hard and more subtle.

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Eye Spy

Watch as the compliments roll in when you make the smokey eye look this alluring. It's NYE so don't be half-hearted with the falsies, invest in a luscious pair of extensions and add a dusting of sultry eyeshadow - just make sure you don't forget the lower slash line.

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Line Up

Thought lip liner was just for red pouts? Think again. Gigi Hadid's two-tone rose-hued lips look jaw-dropping good.

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Wings Of Desire

A nude glossy pout and black graphic eyeliner might be the antidote to sequins, but it doesn't mean it's not scene-stealing! Diana Ross' angled brows and bold liner with the heavily mascaraed lashes leaves us breathless.

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