Here Are Some New Hair Removal Heroes

Because women spend an average of two whole days a year removing body hair.


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Here are a few discoveries we made recently. 1. Women spend an average of two whole days a year removing body hair. Depressing, much? And 2. that one in ten women hide hair removal from their partner. Bit weird/exhausting/and dare we say deluded?

Both of which made us think about the thorny issue of hair removal - and how to do it effectively. Becuase if you're going to do it at all you at least want it to be quick and painless, right?

Luckily, there's a whole new host of products on the market to help you do just that. Here's what we like:

The at-home waxer that actually works

Veet EasyWax Sensitive Electrical Roll-On Kit, £29.99.

We put at-home waxing on permanent hold after a wax-related incident left us glued to a bed sheet some time around 1998, but this natty gadget has got us back on the wagon. Heating up in 20 minutes and surprisingly tidy, this refillable beaut couldn’t have been easier to use and left us hair-free for an impressive three weeks.


The uber blades

You can’t beat a Venus razor, right? And now these clever hair-removal types have introduced a Venus & Olay Sugarberry Razor, £10.99, boasting the brand’s fabulous five-blade combo, but with Olay skincare benefits so you get glowy, well-hydrated legs and pits. And who wouldn’t want that? Just don’t leave it floating in the bath – we did and it melted. Sad face.


Creams for even the laziest of you out there

Hair removal creams. Traditionally smelly and slightly scary. Bliss Fuzz Off Bikini, £20, not so much. Yep, this treatlet makes light work of sprucing south of the border. A precision applicator makes for easy shaping (heart anyone?) while vitamin E, cocoa and shea butter nourish your sensitive parts. Love!


**Pube trimmers. Oh yes. **

We’re not quite sure why pube trimmers make us snigger, but once we got over this we fell hard for the Wilkinson & Sword Quattro Bikini Pearl & Papaya, £5.49. Super-sharp blades on the razor end and a cleverly disguised waterproof trimmer made for a winning combo. Great if you’re of the aforementioned hide-hair-removal-from-the-partner breed.


The mother (of all) pluckers

Epilating hurts. Fact. However, if you have balls of steel there is no more economical solution for gals who prefer a longer-lasting finish than shaving, but don’t fancy forking out for regular waxing. Braun Silk-Epil, £84.99 is our plucker of choice not least because it can be used in the bath or shower. We were too scared to take its racing pincers (sorry) ‘down there’, but the results on our legs and pits were quite mind-blowing if we may say so ourselves.


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