Nail Art Using Everyday Shit Around The House, A Lazy Girl’s Guide

Get creative with things you didn’t even know were made for nail art


by Angela Hui |
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Who knew bobby pins could be handy nail-saving little dotting tools? We sure as hell didn’t. Well you’re in luck because nail blogger, Naillion, has come up with some fuss-free tricks of the trade using that classic knick-knack - a bobby pin, which we all have millions of lying about our bathrooms.

Before you start you will need:

•Base coat

•Top coat

•Grey polish

•Turquoise polish

•Bobby pins

•Paper (optional)

Step One: You know the drill by now, prep your nails by filing them and then apply a base coat to protect the nails and to prevent staining. – try Grow Stronger by Essie, £8.99.


Step Two: Once dried, paint two thin coats of your chosen shade. We’ve gone for a cool grey in Essie, Cocktail Bling £7.99.


Step Three: You know those annoying hair grips/bobby pins/kirby grips whatever you want to call those damn things that you’re forever losing? Try and at least find one of them or better yet buy a pack at Boots, £1.49. These little bad boys make excellent dotting tools and when dipped into bright turquoise polish like Barry M’s Gelly High Shine, £3.99. They can create perfect polka dot nails.


Step Four: Finish off with a fast-drying topcoat to blend the design together and to seal in your marble nails. Try using Seche Vite Dry fast top coat, £9.

And you’re done. Easy right? Who needs nail art tools when you’ve got tonnes of random junk you already own? Once you’ve nailed these three different nail techniques you can move onto different shapes, patterns and colour combinations. Like striking black and white chevron nails or some classy navy and gold marble effect nails. The possibilities are endless once you know how.

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