Which Mouthwash Is The Best? We Tested Them.

We also nearly vomited.

Which Mouthwash Is The Best? We Tested Them.

by Stevie Martin |
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Mouthwash is something we should all be using if we don't want our teeth to fall out, according to teeth experts. Toothmen. Or dentists, if you will. But which ones burn? Which ones taste alright? Which ones taste like fucking shit?

Myself and Zoe Cassell got a tin and went through a load of the current fave mouthwashes. I won't lie, it was incredibly difficult and at one point we had to take a break because I had started to dry heave and I'm not sure but I think Zoe might have started crying. Good news, though: we did it so you don't have to.

Listerine Fresh Burst

Price: £3.50

Stevie thought: It burned and I couldn't keep it in my mouth for the requisite 30 seconds. Tasted nice though.

**Zoe thought: **Made my eyes water and mouth burn at the time, but in hindsight, and in comparison to the others, it wasn’t too bad.

**Overall verdict: A good mouthwash - might be too strong if you're not a huge mint fan with an iron tongue. **

Corsodyl Daily Cool Burst

Price: £4.89

**Stevie thought: **Tasted very medicinal and weirdly like a chemical puddle. Didn't burn, though, and I could get used to it. Maybe.

Zoe thought: Tasted minging and smelled very odd

Overall verdict: the taste is divisive, and so is the smell. Don't splash out on this before having stolen a swig from someone else's bathroom first.

Colgate Max White One

Price: £3.99

Stevie thought: This was my favourite. Didn't burn, had a pleasant taste and I didn't want to spit it out then throw my mouth in a bin.

Zoe thought: Pleasant.

**Overall verdict: a good one for mouthwash virgins and people who are frightened by very strong/weird flavours. Also whitens, which is a plus, and you can hold it in your mouth for ages without crying. **

Oral B 3D White Lux

Price: £3.32

Stevie thought: Oh fucking hell. Really sickly taste like a bit of mint that has died. Feel sad thinking about it. Need a lie down.

Zoe thought: By far the worst but think that was down to the gargling, wanted to gag following this experience.

**Overall verdict: we did gargle for a bit too long, but that doesn't change the fact that this tasted really bad. Sorry Oral B. Your toothbrushes are excellent, but your mouthwash is really upsetting. **

Dentyl Active Clove Flavour

**Price: **£3.50

Stevie thought: It was the colour of laundry detergent, and the taste was like nothing I've ever experienced. And I once ate cloves.

Zoe thought: Still confused as to why clove is a flavour of mouthwash. Can still taste it now.

Overall verdict: stick to mint if you're a mouthwash. Cloves is a bizarre choice and feels like an interesting gamble that didn't quite pay off.

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