Mother’s Day Gifts You’ll Definitely Want To Steal

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Mother's Day Gifts That You'll Definitely Want To Borrow

by Chemmie Squier |
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Quick, it's nearly Mother's Day (6th March, FYI)! What do you buy? A new apron? Absolutely not. Adele's album? 100% chance she already has it. Slippers? Save that for Christmas. The clear winner when it comes to Mother's Day gifts is beauty stuff; it's a solid gift, an absolute no brainer.

But that's not to say you can't be a little... tactical about your purchases though. As in, it's totally OK to buy your mum something she'll love, and that you're quite partial to as well. After all, sharing is caring, right?

Champneys A Little Something Special, £19 (on offer**),


Who really has the money to spend on bubble bath? Exactly. Grab it from this set, smuggle it back to your flat, and your mum will be none the wiser because she'll have so many other products to get distracted by. Plus the contents is actually worth £47.50* so you're getting an absolute bargain.

Liz Earle Handpicked Radiance Duo, £28,

Right, both of these products are cult classics so buy it for your Ma and when you're visiting her, conveniently forget your own bog-standard skincare and smother yourself in these instead.

No7 Protect and Perfect intense ADVANCED Collection, £45,

If you were going to buy these products separately, you're looking at a cool £94, so you're on to a winner from the start. These might be anti-ageing products (scary) but nab that night cream because, well, you probably don't have one do you?

Sanctuary With Love Gift, £19 (on offer**),

The mask, the mask! Get the mask before she realises it's even there! Why? Because it actually warms up when you apply it which is ridiculously fun (and it does a good job of drawing out impurities too).

Soap & Glory SMOOTHIE STAR Gift Set, £18 (on offer**),

Who are we kidding, you're not this generous. Skip the middle man and just keep this one for yourself.

You can order on or in store today by 8pm and collect free in store from 12pm tomorrow.

*Set includes Citrus Blush Enlivening Daily Scrub 250ml- valued at £8.00, Citrus Blush Enlivening Shower Cream 350ml- valued at £7.00, Summer Dream Rewarding Bubble Heaven 500ml valued at £12.00, Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Lotion 350ml- valued at £8.00, Summer Dream Rewarding Candle- valued at £12.50

** Offer ends 15.03.16, subject to availability.

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