This Chrome ‘Mirror’ Polish Is The Stuff Of Insta Nail Dreams

Mirror, mirror on the wall... which is the best chrome nail polish of them all?

Mirror-Like Nail Polish That Actually Looks Good

by Rhona McDade |
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If you’re already browsing Pinterest for your next winter coat then it’s probably time to updated your manicure as well. Traditionally, metallic nail polish has been of the shimmery variety, with individual specks of glitter instead of a smooth ‘mirror-like’ finish. Unfortunately, we are no longer in the 90’s and the sandpaper-like texture of glitter nail polish is fairly horrific, not to mention the impossible mission to remove it once you are bored.

But nowSoigné (pronounced swahn – yey’, (yeah we didn’t know either) has recently launched ‘Le Miroir’, a chrome nail polish that gives you a ‘TRUE mirror-like’ finish. Narcissus would have a field day.

The brand boasts that it can give the desired effect without using messy pigmented powder or gel, which ultimately means you can do it from home! For those of us that dig the metallic look or are interested in any nail art in any form for that matter; this nail polish may be the next trend sweeping the lacquered landscape.


Following a fairly bold description of the newly launched nail polish, Soigné states this disclaimer:

‘This nail polish is susceptible to scratching off, please take extra care after application and during wear. Formulated to achieve a maximum mirror-like reflection, it is ideal for showcasing and special occasions, not for long lasting wear.’

As an incredibly uncoordinated human being, durability for me is just as important as the overall look. I can appreciate the honestly here and if I was feeling particularly fancy and had an abundance of time, I could see myself sporting the metallic polish for an evening doo or wedding. Will 2017 be known as the year we finally achieved chrome nail success?

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