From Millennial Pink To Blushing Blonde, Here’s How To Achieve The #1 Hair Trend

Time to channel Gwen Stefani circa ’99...

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If last year’s reigning beauty buzzword was all things balayage, 2017’s can be summed up quite simply: pretty in pink. Rosy cheeks, peachy lids, and candy floss hair suddenly everywhere on our social feeds (currently, there are 3.6 million posts for #pinkhair). And candyfloss coifs isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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Those who shy away from the Rose Quartz hue day-to-day find themselves slipping into the pink hair parade (it certainly helps that cool-girls from Elle Fanning, breakout model of the moment Fernanda Ly, Amber Le Bon and DJ Henri have been endorsing the pastel-hued hairstyle too). And Brit girls are winning in the marshmallow manes department - with a new study conducted by L’oreal Professional revealing that 8 out of 10 women in London would experiment with the pink hair trend over any other colour.

Want to dip into rosy coloured waters this summer? We called on Senior Creative Colourist, Francesca Dixon from Hari’s Hairdressers to give us the lowdown on the ‘millennial pink’ hair trend, how to achieve the look yourself and why it’s the most luxurious dye-job going…

How is “Millennial Pink” hair different from other hair colours?

Technically “Millennial Pink” is pink with the blue hues taken out of it. But I would describe it as a softer, muted version of the Rose Gold hue without taking the rose out of it, too peachy to be considered blush, but just muted enough. The soft, pearlescent sheen of “Millennial Pink" is subtle, feminine and perfect for summer. It’s an expensive looking pinky pink designed for adults rather than just little girls which sets it apart from other rosy hues.

Does pink hair colour only work on bleach blonde hair?

It will only work on blondes or pre-lightened hair as you have to have a light base for the pink hue to grab, and show up on the hair. However, you don’t have to be blonde all over. For instance, if you have darker hair, or are brunette and are wary of lightening or bleaching, you can opt for a few scattered, hidden highlights adding millennial pink touches to the strands giving it a subtle pink hue, you can have Balayage applying the pink on top, or you can even have a blended ombre with pink on the ends.

pink hair
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How long does it last? Are there any shampoos or products you can use to make the colour last longer?

L'Oréal Professionnel’s new #Colourfullhair will last up to 15 shampoos (although this does vary depending on the type of shade/effect chosen - pastel shades including Pink Sorbet for Millennial Pink lasts up to 4 shampoos - colour depth and porosity of the hair fibre) and as it’s a complete wash out colour, it won’t leave any residue so it’s a great option for those wanting a temporary boost of colour! I recommend clients to add a L'Oréal Professionnel smart bond into their colour treatment at the backwash to help prolong it, and use a professional colour care routine at home to keep the colour in peak condition such as L'Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Vitamino Color range.

pink hair
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Why do you think ‘millennial pink’ has become a popular hair colour for summer?

It is great for summer as it’s commitment free (washing out after 4-10 washes depending on the shade and how long the product is left in for), and takes only 30 minutes to apply, with only 20 minutes development time and is perfect for festivals, weekends and trying out the must-have trend. Summer is always associated with brighter colours and cool pastel shades which is why “Millennial Pink” is the perfect match, but the trend is 100% wearable in every season as we can convert it to a more toned down, dusty metallic pink for A/W.

Is dip dyeing your hair pastel pink an option too?

Dip dying is a great option for those who are looking for a more low-maintenance take on the full colour look, and a great option for brunettes who are wary of lightening their hair. There are so many options you could choose from with Balayage, whether it’s just a few strands, all over or even going two-tonal pink on alternate strands.

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