Study Says Boys With Beards Make Better Long-Term Boyfriends

But stubble was voted the most attractive

Study Says Boys With Beards Make Better Long-Term Boyfriends

by Alyss Bowen |
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Has your boyfriend got a beard and are you head over heels in love, thinking about marrying him someday? Okay great start, because according to this new study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women find men with full on beards as more attractive for long-term relationships.

Researchers asked 8, 520 women to rate photos of men for physical attractiveness for either short-term or long-term relationships. Using manipulated images where they were able to alter facial hair, beard length and other facial features like jaw lines, cheekbones and brow ridges, then the women were asked to judge the images. The findings showed that the more feminine faces were considered to be less attractive when clean-shaven.

Stubble was voted most attractive (I strongly agree) but it received more ratings for short-term flings - so us ladies apparently tend to pick guys with stuble for casual dating purposes. So the beard won and was seen as the most attractive for long-term relationships. The authors suggested that beards act as a signal of men’s age and masculine social dominance. Do you agree? Do you constantly moan at your boyfriend when he shaves off his beard and looks all baby faced? Or do you think beards are gross? Go tell us in Club Debrief.

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