This Is How Maya Jama Looked So Good At Coachella

The presenter on festival hair, working out and world domination

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |

While Coachella may look appealing through the lens of social media, it is still a festival, which means that it will still play havoc with hair. Actually, camping, late nights and general field-dwelling do not lend themselves to efficient beauty routines and glossy hair styles. Maya Jama, then, seemed to defy all logic when she attended Coachella over the weekend, sporting perfectly coiffured waves throughout. She was at the festival with ghd, which probably helps. Still, we're keen to discover her secrets. Thankfully, the Radio 1 presenter was only too happy to divulge, sharing her skincare tips and opinions on social media long the way...

Grazia: Which look was your favourite from Coachella this year?

Maya Jama: My disco mermaid waves on day three! Hair stylists Patrick Wilson created S bend waves on me using the ghd platinum+ festival styler. It’s such a cool technique and was definitely my favourite look of the weekend.

Grazia: How do you deal with social media and any negativity it brings?

MJ: I used to let it affect me, but I've got used to it now. I've been using it for so long now – you get good comments and bad ones. But yeah, I've just learned to not care now.

Grazia: What's your best speedy beauty tip?

MJ: Invest in a good hairdryer!

Grazia: What is your go-to hairstyle?

MJ: Dead-straight sleek look with a side parting

Grazia: Talk us through your daily beauty regime

MJ: I use a basic Dove soap and water to wash my face. And I wear just basic makeup: concealer, mascara, bronzer and I do my eyebrows.

Grazia: What is your top skincare tip?

MJ: Change your pillowcases often

Grazia: What is your favourite festival memory?

MJ: DJing at Glastonbury just before Craig David on the Silver Hayes stage

Grazia: What’s next for you?

MJ: World domination! And my own line of face masks...

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Retro Coachella Fashion

paris hilton coachella
1 of 11

Paris Hilton is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when it comes to Coachella fashion looks. We're very here for her 2009 skimpy bikini, oversized sunglasses and metallic headband. Simply iconic.

coachella 2009
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Ex-Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio sported a boho-gypsy look to Coachella in 2009 - note the bangle selection and belt. It's hard to believe that this was nine years ago, right?

coachells 2007 lindsay logan
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We know, we can't quite believe it either. In 2007, Lindsay Lohan wore a plain white shirt and black trousers to Coachella, which can't be further from the bejewlled ensembles that the fash packs are spotted wearing today.

drew barrymore coachella
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Actress Drew Barrymore has a timeless, understated style. For proof, just look to this effortlessly chic outfit she wore back in 2007 at Coachella. A simple printed tee, hat and sunnies? An all-round winner, if you ask us.

coachella celebrity style
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Thank you, Cameron Diaz, for reminding how much we used to love boob-tubes. And while we're reminiscing, can we just take a moment to appreciate that cream over-sized side bag? Living for it.

amy winehouse coachella
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When performing at Coachella in 2007, Amy Winehouse opted to wear denim hot-pants, a plain white vest and stiletto heels. Her hair was styled into her statement beehive and she donned her classic thick eyeliner, too.

Busy Philips coachella
7 of 11

Busy Philips, is that you? The actress opted to wear jeans and a baggy white top that was cinched in at the waist with a boho woven belt. Oh how times have changed.

Taryn Manning coachella
8 of 11

Orange Is The New Black star Taryn Manning donned this eclectic look at Coachella back in 2006. Cowboy boots, a striped headband and a vest printed vest? We never thought we'd see them in the same look, but somehow, Taryn managed to pull off this combination.

nicole richie coachella
9 of 11

Socialite Nicole Richie relied on her trusty Converse trainers to see her through Coachella back in 2006, and this footwear brand is still reigning supreme at the festival this decade, too.

coachella celebrity fashion
10 of 11

Flip-flops? At Coachella? Brave move, Nicky Hilton. This is an understated festival look if ever we saw one. Thirteen years on, our festival attire is much more flamboyant and loud.

coachella celebrity outfits
11 of 11

Carmen Electra opted for a feminine, floaty floral dress for the 2009 Coachella festival, and we have to admit, we're big fans. The bold print and clashing colours are actually having a moment right now - so does this mean Carmen predicted a 2019 trend? Probably.

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