4 Lazy Ways to Combat Spots With Stuff You Probably Already Have

Because you’ve drunk too much mulled wine and it shows

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You’ve gained half a stone from all the holiday food you’ve consumed. But that's okay, you’ll hit the gym enthusiastically for two weeks in January until you realise it's way too much effort and do you even actually like spinning?

But what about the spots on your face that have inevitably come to wreck havoc on your skin from your December diet of sugar and mince pies? Is there a way to lose spots that doesn't involve exercise and a monthly membership fee?

Thankfully, there are solutions. In fact, you probably have all the ingredients in your cupboard already - and these zit busting remedies involve way less effort than an hour of daily cardio.

Honey Cinnamon Spot Treatment

Not only does cinnamon smell like the best desserts, its antibacterial and antiseptic properties can help to kill acne-causing bacteria. Pair with honey and you’ve got a dream spot fighting team ready to battle with your problem skin. Simply mix some cinnamon with honey and apply directly to the spot. Leave on for 15 minutes and enjoy smelling like a pumpkin spice latte while knowing your skin will thank you later.

Green Tea Ice Cubes - the Popped Spot Healer

If you’ve been naughty and have been picking and popping your spots, you’re going to need some backup to prevent redness. With its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea can soothe the nasty, red, spot-squeeze aftermath you’ve basically caused for the 157th time, after promising yourself you'd never squeeze a pimple again.

Brew some tea, pour into an ice tray, freeze and save the cubes for when you know you’re going to pop a spot (essentially, just keep one in your freezer forever). After popping, place the ice cube on the affected area. The ice will help with swelling and pain, while the green tea will calm redness.

Egg White Blackhead Peeler

Some people swear by egg whites for blackheads, while some even claim that eggs are magically responsible for gluing their finger back together during childhood. Basically, eggs are miracles and all you need is an egg to clear debris from pores and absorb excess oil from the skin.

There are two methods of egg white masks, one involves simply applying the whites directly to the skin, leaving for 15 minutes and then rinsing off.

My favourite method uses a layer of tissue on top of the egg whites, leaving holes for the mouth and eyes. Once completely dry, gently peel the tissue off the face in an upwards motion. This way, you’ll be able to see the dirt that was actually lifted off your face on the tissue. Gross, yet satisfying.

Milk and honey mask

There’s a reason why Cleopatra took milk baths and it’s not because she hated cereal. Milk contains lactic acid, an AHA that increases the skin’s water retention capacity and helps with exfoliation by gently removing dead cells. In other words, milk can help the skin look as soft and supple as the most famous Queen of Egypt’s.

Honey, with its antibacterial effects, can simultaneously disinfect and soothe spots. Unlike chemical spot treatments that can cause flaking, honey (a natural humectant) prevents skin from getting dried out and peely.

Mix both ingredients together and apply a thin layer all over the face. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with water. For extra soothing action, you can soak a cotton ball in milk and use as a toner to finish.

Try to refrain from eating any sweets while using any of these treatments. Or just eat them. There’s always February.

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