Man Buns Are Over – It’s All About The #ManBraid Now

Man Buns Are Over - It's All About The #ManBraid Now


by Lauren Smith |
Published on

If like us, your suffering from a bit of man bun fatigue (man buns are so mainstream, Dadsnow wear them to Disneyland), help is at hand. A new trend for the 'man braid' has unfurled across Instagram - and it's given us major plait envy.

The hashtag #ManBraid brings up some pretty impressive and intricate hairstyles on Instagram - seriously, these guys have better braiding skills than Chris Pratt{ =nofollow}.

And whether they're channeling Legolas** (Lord of the #ManBraid), Jared Leto at the Golden Globes (ultimate #HairGoals), or just doing their own thing, the man plaits of Instagram will provide plenty of inspiration for your own 'do, or your male friend looking to move on from the man bun/hun/hipster beard (which is over, according to one historian).

So what explains the move from man bun to plait? Man Bun-nui may have set in when men desperate to try the trend tamed little tufts of hair into buns so small, they resembled Boo's hair from Monster's Inc. "It's not a man bun, it's a man tuft!" some people cried.

Then there was the news that man buns are actually causing baldness - because the tension along the hairline can put the wearer at risk of acute baldness.

Plus, when tiny hats are being created to perch atop mini man buns, maybe it's time for the man bun to make like Roger from Sister Sister and go home.

So we're fully on board with the #ManBraid now - here's hoping Jared Leto jumps on to the Instagram trend ASAP.

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