The Male Make-Up Industry Is Growing – Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Why shouldn't men and women be able to enjoy beauty products equally?

The Male Make-Up Industry Is Growing And That Can Only Be A Good Thing

by Chemmie Squier |
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MMUK is a make-up company aimed specifically at men. Speaking to the Mirror, Alex Dalley, 27, who launched the company with his uncle in 2011. explained how the beauty industry is slowing changing and male grooming products are being seen as more acceptable.

‘Gone are the days when a guy would sneak a peek at his girlfriend’s make-up bag and shamefully pop her concealer over his spots. Now men are much more relaxed about foundation ­concealer, even mascara. I’d wear a foundation on a night out and concealer and mascara for a wedding. My girlfriend loves it. Blokes are becoming an accessory to women these days, and I’m happy for it to be that way.’

Before launching the line he said that he used to borrow his girlfriend’s cosmetics before a night out and when he suffered from acne when he was younger he’s raid his mum’s make-up bag.

Apparently their top selling products are concealer, foundation, clear mascara for lashes and a beard filler. He says that next year they have a predicted annual turnover of £750,000, showing that the male cosmetics industry is growing.

Despite that, he says that ’20 or 30% of our customers still want their names removed from parcels and their products put in plain packaging’ showing that although the demand is there, so is the stigma.

Male make-up artists on Instagram and YouTube – such as Manny Gutierrez, Angel Merino, Jeffree Star and Michael Finch (to name a few) – are helping to re-define the cosmetics industry as one that's open to everyone, not just women and their social media followings are proof of their success in this. Another male beauty blogger, Jake-Jamie Ward recently launched a #makeupisgenderless social media campaign to help stop the stigma around male cosmetics.

The market is changing too, showing that the shift in acceptance is real. According to Mintel, cosmetic launches targeting men have increases globally by 70% between 2007-2012 and the UK market grew by 12% going from £512 million in 2007 to £574 million in 2012 with it expected to rise by another 6% by 2017. On top of that, reported a 300% growth in men's beauty and grooming products in 2015.

With this in mind, it probably won't be long before other make-up brands join MMUK in producing male-focused beauty products or larger cosmetics brands start honing in on their male customer's wants and needs. Charlotte Tilbury, for example, already has an edit of 'Makeup for Men' on her website.

And why shouldn't they? It's a huge double standard in society that it's only acceptable for women to buy and use beauty products. What's so crazy about a man wanted to cover up his dark under-eye circles or a raging spot? In an increasingly liberal society it's time that we let this stigma go and, luckily, it looks like we're starting to.

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