Make Up Sharing Rules: How To Borrow Your Mate’s Favourite Lipstick

It's a lipstick-based minefield out there.Photographed by Chris Ower Davis

How To Borrow Your Mate's Lipstick Without Causing A Serious Diplomatic Accident

by Chemmie Squier |

The story about the girl who borrowed her mate's make-up brush and became seriously ill, is enough to put anyone one off sharing their make-up stash, but let's be honest, there's no way you're not going to do it when you've got a serious instance of bad face day going on and none of your own make-up to hand.

That said, there are definitely rules to follow when the art of make-up borrowing is involved. So read on to find out how to avoid a massive blow-out when you take a dip in your friend's make-up bag. Even if some of it’s just basic hygiene.

Never mix shades

You know what's a nightmare? When you've just bought a brand new lipstick, that’s all shiny and bright and lovely. Now, we’re reasonable people you and I, so we’d let them use that brand-spanking new product in good faith, but then they decide that it’s an excellent idea to try it on over their DIFFERENT COLOURED lipstick. And hey, your brand new fuchsia lipstick is suddenly a nice shade of grown (grey/brown). Cheers for that. Here's a thought - take that other colour off before you go trying my one on. Thanks loads.

Mouth ailments = no go

If you've got a cold sore or some kind of mouth-illness going on, just don't borrow their lippy. Drop it, move away, don't even think about. Passing on that thing, whatever it is, to your friend is not cool. They won't thank you when they're having to cover their mouth on the next Tinder date they score. While we’re at it, if you’re suffering from any kind of contagious sickness-thing, it’s probably best to stick to your own stuff.

Think about the application, people

When people roll their lipsticks up really high before applying, it makes me seriously cringe. Like, don't you know you're playing with fire right now? Not to mention it’s just totally impractical - one false move and there’s going to be a snapped bullet. If you're doing it to someone else's lipstick, I'll bet you can feel their eyes boring into you with the anger of someone who's just been told that McDonald’s have stopped serving breakfast.

Tread carefully

The relationship between an owner and their make-up is quite like a mother and their child - over protective and ready to fuck shit up if something happens to it. I’m speculating here because I don’t have any children, but I am animalistically protective when it comes to my make-up. So even if your friend insists it’s fiiiiiine that you borrow her favourite ever lipstick that got discontinued 11 years ago, is the last one remaining on the planet ever and it’s rarer that dodo eyelashes, still don’t use it. It’s not fine. She’s lying.

Give it back, simple

This one’s pretty self explanatory but if you’ve borrowed a lipstick just blimming give it back, because the panic that comes with not being able to find your favourite red lipstick when you know it’s absolutely going to make your outfit, is like no other.

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Photographed by Chris Ower Davis

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