Loving Lily Allen’s Nail Art. Here’s Some Tips From The Woman Behind It

Michelle Humphrey gives The Debrief


by Suzanne Scott |
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Neon-tie dye. Acid Smiley Faces. And Ashish inspired evil eyes. Lily Allen has been working some ridiculously brilliant nail art recently. And we want in.


So we tracked down the genius behind Lily’s nails, Maybelline New York nail expert Michelle Humphrey, for the low-down. High maintenance, sure – but beyond worth it.

Here’s your step-by-step to getting those evil eyes. They're good luck, fyi...

  1. File your nails into shape and given them a light buff.

  2. Apply your basecoat. I love Essie First Base, £8.99.

  3. Next you need to paint your nails gold. My favourite gold is Maybelline New York Super Stay in Winner Takes it All, £4.49 (superdrug.com).

  4. Once your gold layer is completely dry top it off with a couple of layers of a gold glitter polish. On Lily I used two coats of Maybelline New York Color Show in Undress to Impress, £2.99.

  5. Allow everything to dry before drawing in the outline of the eyes. I used a fine nail art brush dipped in Essie Nail Polish in Blanc, £7.99. I created an ellipse shape using the brush and then filled in the centre with the same shade of white. You’ll need to repeat this over all the nails.

  6. Time for the blue eyes! Plot in the iris with Maybelline New York Color Show in Cool Blue, £2.99. Use the brush it comes with to create the perfect circular shape.

  7. For anyone who wants to take it up another level, paint half of the pupil in a darker blue using a fine nail art brush for precision. Maybelline New York Color Show Superpower Blue, £2.99, is a good contrasting shade.

  8. Outline the eyes in black using a fine nail art brush and a black nail polish.

  9. Add the pupils using a dotting tool dipped in black polish. I always use Maybelline New York Color Show in Blackout, £2.99, as it has great coverage.

  10. Allow everything to completely dry and apply a topcoat to seal everything in. My favourite is Essie Top Coat Let it Shine, £8.99.

PS – if you want more (and who doesn’t?) bookmark Michelle’s Tumblrnow.


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