Liz Loves… Cat Grooming, Beating Hat Hair And DIY Highlights

Liz Loves...Cat Grooming, Beating Hat Hair And DIY Highlights

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Say hello to Liz Loves! Each and every week, our Health & Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, will be revealing her beauty secrets and makeup must-haves direct from_ Grazia _HQ...*

One Tres Chic Soap

Rodin is one of my all-time favourite beauty brands - the formulations are divine and the packaging ticks all of my visual boxes. Minimalist, luxe AND timeless. Now for a fact you might not have known about me: I'm quite (read: very) partial to a soap. In fact, I have what I believe to be one of the world's largest soap collections. You can understand why this new offering from Rodin - the Olio Lusso Bath Bar (£28.00) - will be taking pride of place in my collection.


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar On The Go Palette

Just last week I spent an afternoon at Charlotte Tilbury's house and managed to raid half of her personal makeup stash during my visit. The highlight of my supermarket sweep is her incredibly easy to use Filmstars On The Go Palette (£42.00). I'm a dabber, I don't apply things, I dab - so this is just perfect for me. It works on eyes, lips and cheeks and gives a glamourous, glossy shot of colour to your face in just seconds. Check out my Two Minute Makeover video and tell me it's not the easiest product ever.

Hat Hair

It's been a week of hats. Beanie hats, trilby hats, urban hippy hat (not sure what the correct term is) which although fun, has played absolute havoc with my hair. Think flat and static. Until today, that is, when I discovered that dry shampoo sprayed into the base of my hat (as well as into my hair) helps to stop that tell-tale static. #TopTip.

Meet My Blonde-tourage

I appear to be getting blonder and blonder as the year goes on, which is no bad thing. Switching from highlights to balayage - (thank you Shona at Daniel Hersheson) has helped, as has my recent trip to Mustique (I promise I will stop talking about Mustique soon). I've also been using Klorane's Chamomile Shampoo (£6.00) and Conditioner (£6.50) to keep that just-holidayed glow glowing. FYI, my favourite trick in summer is to brew up a potent pot of chamomile tea, let it cool and then rinse my hair with it before heading out into the sun. This gives the most perfect baby blonde highlights. A once-weekly Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask With Lemon (available in the EU) also helps to keep my blonde looking well, blonde...


Coco Gets A Tangle Teezer

As the owner of the world's most glamourous yet hard-to-groom feline, I've been on the lookout for a high-speed, snag-free brush to make sure Coco is knot-free and fabulous. A chance brush(forgive the pun)with my beloved Tangle Teezer (£10.99) and I discovered this was one brush she didn't seem to mind at all. It's the perfect fluffer and smoother for long-haired pets who are a bit fussy about such things. In case you were wondering, she's opted for a bright pink model.

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