Liz Loves… The Best Summer Beauty Buys – And Classic Comfort Food

Liz Loves... The Scent of Summer And Her Best-Ever Pasta Recipe

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_Say hello to Liz Loves! Each and every week, our Health & Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, will be revealing her beauty secrets and makeup must-haves direct from Grazia _HQ...__*

Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino

If ever there was a picture to inspire that holiday feeling then surely this it. As a huge fan of Mr Ford’s signature summer scent, Nerolo Portofino, (£142.00) – the sight of this new campaign both excited and inspired me to get involved in my summer beauty regime. A change of fragrance is the first step I take towards creating my summer self – nothing is more transformative than the power of scent, in my opinion. A splash of this addictive tipple will leave you feeling instantly lighter, fresher and ready to expose bodily parts you may have long forgotten exist. I even love to wear the scented body oil on bare legs to add a luxe sheen and enhance the overall scent – it’s incredibly mouistusing and also makes a beautiful hair oil when on holiday.


Crystals Rock

Flick through this week’s issue and you’ll see that I’m a firm believer in holistic healing practices and doing everything you can to boost your emotional and physical wellbeing. As well as my beloved daily yoga practice I am obsessed with crystals. I have them in my home, on my desk and even carry them in my handbag to make sure I’m always giving and getting good energy. You may scoff, but blockages of energy in the body can often lead to all kinds of symptoms, illnesses and aches and pains. If you’re keen to try some for yourself then start with rose quartz – known as the love stone, this crystal will help to bring more love into your life and also help to heal any emotional trauma (AKA heartbreak or grief) you’re carrying around in your heart, and we could all do with a bit of that. I’m also a fan of amethyst which soothes and calms the mind and is particularly helpful when it comes to ensuring a good night's sleep.

**Buy Of The Week: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Nail Colours, (£7.99)


If you’re heading off on holiday and want one handy but versatile nail varnish to take with you then invest in these. A tinted top coat at one end and a bold nail polish at the other, I find I can create several effects with this one product.


My Ultimate Homemade Pasta Recipe

It’s not often I share a personal recipe on Liz Loves but when I find a quick, easy, healthy and cheap treat, I like to share the food love. Pasta gets a hard time but sometimes a hearty dose of carbs is called for and this week is one of those times. Yes it’s veggie, and yes it’s tasty and yes it can be cooked in fifteen minutes…


Fresh Basil

Half a red chilli

Four gloves of garlic

Tomatoes on the vine

x 2 tins of organic tinned tomatoes

Wholemeal or spelt pasta

Feta cheese


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