Let’s Celebrate Lisa Kudrow’s 50th Birthday With A Gallery Of Phoebe’s Best Ever Hairdos

Happy 50th Birthday Lisa Kudrow! To Celebrate, Here's Phoebe's Best Hairstyles


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Let's Celebrate Lisa Kudrow's 50th Birthday With A Gallery Of Phoebeu2019s Best Ever Hairdos

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Pheobe Buffay

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Pheobe Buffay 2

Hello gorgeous blow dry in 1990

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Pheobe Buffay 3

In the early '90s, she went spiky

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Pheobe Buffay 4

Boho waves in 1994

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Pheobe Buffay 5

Curly locks in December 1994

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Pheobe Buffay 6

Scrunchies a-go-go back in December 1995

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Pheobe Buffay 7

Going girlie in January 1995

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Pheobe Buffay 8

A sleek bob and side parting in November 1995

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Pheobe Buffay 9

Milkmaid buns in February 1996

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Pheobe Buffay 10

Accessorising with an umbrella in August 1997

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Pheobe Buffay 11

Looking hawt in March 1997

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Pheobe Buffay 12

Practising her bridal beauty in March 1998

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Pheobe Buffay 13

Ah, a classic in February 1999

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Pheobe Buffay 14

Getting sophisticated in February 2000

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Pheobe Buffay 15

The blushing bride (and some ringlets) in February 2004

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Pheobe Buffay 16

Giving birth to the triplets in pigtails? Why not?

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Pheobe Buffay 17

Running in a head scarf - cute!

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Pheobe Buffay 18

Super-sleek and golden in the later Friends years

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Pheobe Buffay 19

It's a hair-off!

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Pheobe Buffay 20

And finally, the slick back

Happy 50th Birthday, Lisa Kudrow! In celebration of this landmark birthday, us beauty ladies thought it would be the perfect time to look back at Phoebe Buffay’s top hair moments. From perms to scrunchies and from fringes to wacky hair accessories, Phoebe’s zany hairstyles have never failed to keep us amused over the years.

Friends first came to our screens back in 1994 (where did all that time go?) and we immediately fell in love with quirky Phoebe. Who could forget those hilarious days when she was a masseuse (us beauty ladies approve, obvs) to smelly cat to Regina Phalange... Yep, Phoebe was the bonkers beauty contrast to the ever-slick Rachel.

Although Lisa’s co-star Jennifer Aniston was quick to establish her cult hairstyle - yep, ‘The Rachel’ - we’ve always been clandestine fans of Miss Buffay’s less conventional styles, with a hair wardrobe of awesome accessories to boot. And although Phebes never wrote a song dedicated to her beauty regime, she DID treat us to this ditty about, err, a little black curly hair. Enjoy!

See Phoebe's best hair moments in the gallery above...

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