A Lazy Girl’s Guide To… When Your Hair Hasn’t Been Washed For Two Days

All you need is dry shampoo.


by Helena Hamilton |
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Zoe London is back to help us achieve this easy breezy beehive. TIP: Freshly-washed hair will be too soft and won't hold this look, so if you ever needed an excuse for two day old hair...

Here are the tools you'll need: Bobby pins, a good bristle brush, dry shampoo and a bucket load of hairspray. Bonus item: A mate to check the back. Get out the Batiste, Google Image Priscilla Presley and give this little dream a go.

Step One: Spritz and rub in some dry shampoo to your roots, before roughly separating the top half of your hair. Backbrush this section from the ends right down to the roots, creating as much of a knotty mess as you can (you can use any brush or comb you have, but if you’re a dedicated member of the backcomb club, it’s worth investing in a Kent LBC1 Backcomb Brush).


Step Two: This is where a Kent brush is ideal, as you need a bristle brush that will smooth right over the mess you’ve just created. Still holding the ends, lightly brush the top of your hair roots to ends, being sure not to apply too much pressure – you’re looking to smooth over the top layers of your beehive without loosing the volume beneath. Pin your beehive into place, crossing two bobby pins over one another to ensure they stay in place. Tip: Apply hairspray to the pins once they’re in place to ensure they’re well and truly fixed.


Step Three: Time to focus on the back. Take all your loose hair and tie into a low ponytail. Use a small elastic and be sure not to wrap it round too many times – you don't want it to be tied too tight.


Step Four: Pull the elastic down to make a gap about an inch above the ponytail and, using your fingers, divide the hair above the elastic down the middle. Take the ponytail and flip it up, through the hole, and out underneath. You’re thinking you remember this little trick from your primary school days, and you’re right. Anyone who was anyone was rocking a twisty on the regular circa '97. Finish with a very generous amount of even more hairspray (Zoe loves Fudge Urban Iced Rasberry & Vanilla, which coinsidently doubles up as hair perfume) then carefully, but quickly, exit your surroundings before suffocating.


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