Kylie Jenner Spent $1185.38 In Sephora. Here’s How You Can Buy Some Of Her Haul

Turns out she loves blush almost as much as she loves lipstick

Kylie Jenner Spent $1185.38 In Sephora. Here's How You Can Buy Some Of Her Haul

by Alyss Bowen |
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Oh to be Kylie Jenner and be able to spend $1185. 38 (that's £804.33 to us) in Sephora just like that. The dream, am I right? It makes me feel a bit sick actually. But that’s exactly what the youngest Kardashian-Jenner did, and she showed us all it in a Snapchat haul.

Now obviously we’re not encouraging you to go out and spend tons of cash in one go and blow this months rent, but if you want to pick up some of the same products as Kylie, this is what she purchased.

The Benefit Cheekathon blush kit.

Want want want. Basically every single blush you could ever need in one cute little pallet. Yes it’s £44.50, but if you just buy this you won’t break the bank. Where is the nearest Benefit stand? Anyone…?

Laura Mercier bronzed butter face and body veil.

This stuff is an absolute dream. The name makes me want to smother it all over my face and body and become bronzed butter. It’s £39, which might sound steep but look at kylie put her finger right in there – this stuff is like liquid gold. Get yourself to Space.NK, now.

Jaclyn Hill x BECCA champagne pop skin perfector

Our beauty writer Chemmie is in love with this stuff. She sat looking at it for a good 7 minutes when she got her hands on it. If it’s good enough for her, and Kylie, then even with the £32 price tag we want to put it on our face too.

Too Faced Sweetheart Blush

Ok, Kylie really loves blusher, clearly, and we don’t blame her. These Too Faced ones are adorable and the cheapest of her haul for only £24.

So go go go, make yourself, and your skin, look as good as Kylie Jenner. Maybe don’t buy it all in one go though, because then you might not be able to pay rent and that wouldn't be good.

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