You Know The Fringe Kylie Jenner Debuted At The 2013 AMAs? It’s A Fake!

You Know The Fringe Kylie Jenner Debuted At The 2013 AMAs? It's A Fake!


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When us beauty ladies caught sight of 16-year old stunner Kylie Jenner on the AMA red-carpet on Sunday night, we were beyond excited to spy a gorgeous new set of bangs atop her brunette mane. Over the past few months, we’ve seen Kylie sporting an impressive repertoire of hairstyles, although we think this might just be our fave. We love the way the cute fringe frames her face and really highlights both her infamous Kardashian cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. Way to go, Kylie!

However, less than 24 hours after walking down the red-carpet at the Nokia Theatre, Ms Jenner was spied doing a spot of shopping, with a distinct lack of fringe. Confused? We are! Alas, it seems like Kylie’s sassy new haircut wasn’t actually for real after all as the starlet revealed she had donned a temporary set of clip-in bangs for the night. Although team Grazia beauty are a little disappointed that Kylie’s fringe didn’t hang around too long, we give our full marks to the teen beauty for embracing one of this season’s hottest trends. We all know how tricky it can be to go for the fringe-chop, plus once it’s done, the notorious growing-out phase can be a right bore. All hail the winge ladies (aka the ‘fringe wig’)- a sure-fire way to mix up your style without actually hitting the scissors.

Kylie with and without her fringe
Kylie with and without her fringe

So, where did Kylie get her fringe-spiration? None other than her big sister Kim, of course! Back in December last year, Kim also unveiled a fake-fringe style and was a further case in point that the good old winge really is a fantastic way to update your look without the commitment to frequent salon trips. Just like a clip-in hair extension, winges come in a variety of hair hues and when applied correctly, fit in seamlessly to your natural locks when you apply them just below the front of your hairline. Want to get involved? Try Hersheson’s selection of winges, £30- a true Grazia fave.

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