Jared Leto Out Kardashian-ed Kim At Balmain, Arriving With Matching Platinum Hair

Jared Leto Out Kardashian-ed Kim At Balmain


by Grazia |

Kim Kardashian tried her hardest to all break records for coverage about one hair cut today at Paris Fashion Week.

She arrived in Paris with her hair stuffed into an oversized black beanie, creating suspense. She then de-beanied en route to Balmain, creating a paparazzi swarm. After the show she Instagrammed a picture of her freshly dyed hair, guarenteeing hundreds of thousands of likes. Easy.

But there was one thing Kim didn't factor into her 'big hair moment' - and no, we're not talking about rain. Jared Leto was a man with the exact same plan.

Just like Kim, Jared knows how to stretch out the coverage of a new haircut to make it a global event. Three days ago he Instagrammed a picture of his signature ponytail being lopped off, with the caption 'I miss my beard already.' NO PONYTAIL? WHAT HAS HE DONE?

All was revealed at Balmain. Jared, who is loved for his flowing Jesus locks, arrived at the front row with identical slicked back platinum hair.

Well, at least they can go through the Draco Malfoy jokes together...

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