How To Go Bleach Blonde Like Kim & Co.

How To Go Icy Blonde Like Kim & Jared


by Grazia |

You've got to hand it to Kim: she knows how to keep us talking about her. But it wasn't exposed flesh or contour-hugging outfits that had tongues wagging earlier this year: it was her hair.

While she's been to known to push the envelope with her outfits (the infamous floral maternity gown at the Met Gala still haunts her), Kim usually keeps it low-key with her hair.

Not this time - after skulking around all day wearing a huge beanie, Kim unveiled platinum blonde tresses at the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week. Not to be upstaged, Jared Leto also followed suit and debuted icy locks, too. Feeling bold? Read on for our tips on nailing the look...

How did Kim go so blonde?

Now, going this blonde is quite an undertaking for anyone, let alone for someone who's hair is as naturally dark as Kim's. Marc Trinder, Charles Worthington's Creative Director told us, 'Technically this is very challenging, and in Kim's case, it's been done very well. The process of going from dark brown to blonde in one hit is very time consuming (at least 6 hours) and very risky. A lot of it is condition dependant- to get the hair that light you have to stop bleaching just before the point of breakage.' We imagine six hours in the salon is just a normal day for Kim, mind.

Is it right for you?

If you're thinking of braving this hue, think about your hair colour and condition. If it's dark, like Kim's, it'll take much longer to lighten and therefore cause more damage to the hair. And, if your hair's already not in great nick, thanks to heat styling and dye, the bleach could push it over the edge.

As for any tell-tale patches: "For me, the tone could be improved- in places under close inspection it is quite yellow - but let's not forget how hard this transformation was." Marc told us. "In time the tone should improve - and I would imagine she will need her colourist to hand as toners change with every wash."

That being said, we're currently obsessed with Olaplex, the mind-bogglingly wonderful new add-on treatment some salons are offering when lightening hair. It prevents against damage and also lets the hair go lighter, quicker - read more here.

Can you do it at home?

Thinking of trying this at home? Sadly, Marc's advice is: don't. "It's not a simple process and a strand of hair is like a timeline of colour and needs different technical applications for an even finish."

With over 56% of salon visits for women being for blondes, and year-on-year, more women than ever going lighter, Kim's change could be what inspires an even bigger blonde ambition.

What should I ask for at the salon?

L'Oreal Professionnel have a handy in-salon app that lets see you what you'll look like with a lighter hue (check their website to find a salon near you), and have brought out a new service called Majirel High Lift, which is a soft, iridescent hue.

Talk to your stylist and tell them (honestly) about the condition of your hair - how often you heat-style it, any colouring you've had in the past and just how high-maintance you're willing to be with your style. Remember, Kim called being blonde 'basically a full-time job'.

Still keen? Then print off that P45 and we'll see you in the salon.

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