Khloe Kardashian Travels Heavy When It Comes To Vitamins

Let's Investigate Khloe Kardashian's Chosen Supplements


by Grazia |

Another day, another Kardashian story to break. This week, we learnt that the wittiest Dash sister (and rumoured new host of Fashion Police) has something in common with your grandma. No, it's not knitting - she travels with hundreds of pills and tablets, all individually packaged up in little Ziploc bags. Khloe shared a photo on Instagram of her travel stash, captioning it with a short essay on why she prefers Ziploc bags to a pill box. Which of course, what we all wanted to know. We didn't want to know what was she was taking everyday (and twice a day, in some cases) or anything useful like that. While we're without any confirmation on Khloe's pills of choice, we'll hazard a bet that there's some of their beloved Hairfinity in there - that's the apparent hair-growth boosting supplement many of tke K-Dash girls have been hawking.

We reckon Khloe's popping some Omegas, too - with her all fitness videos and photos on Instagram, she'll be needing some of those protein-building fatty acids to help her recover. Omegas also help your skin and nails grow, as well as keeping your skin bright. Plus, we'd be surprised if she wasn't taking a helping hand with her skin in the form of chlorphyll supplements, which are essentially concentrated super greens to up your antioxidant intake and make sure you're getting enough green goodness. For hair, we rate Viviscal, which is beloved by many a model and a hairdresser around the world. Helping hair grow healthier, it ensures your tresses grow thick, shiny and with fewer dry bits and split ends. Or, there's Biotin, which is a protein that helps seal split ends and make your hair stronger - all essential for anyone styling their hair a lot.

And of course, with all her globe trotting, Khloe must have some serious jet lag. Popping a Vitamin B12 tablet will help keep her feeling energised and refreshed. Have a click through the gallery to see some of our favourite beauty supplements...


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