New Hair Alert! Kendall Jenner Has Gone For A Lob

Kendall Jenner's Gone For The Lob


by Daniela Morosini |
Published on

Kendall Jenner Haircut Bob

There's something to be said for announcing news via Instagram. Of course, we're used to the likes of Kendall et al letting us know about their engagements, makeovers and other happenings via a snap, but it's usually on their account. Right? That's clearly not enough of a splash for Ms Jenner, who debuted her new lob (long bob, dontcha know) in a video on Justin Bieber's Instagram (watch it here). Yes, the model of the moment has just got herself the hairstyle of the moment.

The lob's become something of the look du jour in Hollywoodland - Lauren Conrad and Beyonce, as well as Taylor Swift are all working the look at the moment. What separates it from other bobbed styles is that (usually) extends past the jawline, into a longer, sleeker shape than just a normal bob, which harks back to our primary school days. It's a fresh, feminine take on a shorter style that can be styled up to sophisticated heights, or worn tousled and undone for a chic look.

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Kendall's sister Kylie is fond of changing her hair like most people do their socks (green, then blue, then short, then grey extensions, then green again, all in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it window of time), but Kendall is usually more middle-of-the-road. Thanks to her modelling career, she probably has to keep it as something of a blank canvas so she can be styled up, so we look forward to seeing how Kendall works this look in any upcoming campaigns. The lob is THE look right now, so we imagine some of Kendall's designer pals - looking at you, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs - making it work.

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