Kate Hudson’s Gone For A Lob

Kate Hudson's Gone For The Chop

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by Daniela Morosini |
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Like so many before her, Kate Hudson has surrended to the power of the lob. The haircut craze that's sweeping Hollywood, a bevy of usually long haired starlets like Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Sienna Miller have already worked the trend, and now Kate Hudson's caved and gone for the chop too.

But, unlike her peers, Kate's chop might not have been entirely her idea - she shared a snap of herself on Instagram with wet, shorter tresses, captioning it "First day on set of new film and they're going to town on my hair! ✂️✂️ Ah!!!!!" While Kate might not have plumped for it herself, we reckon she'll carry it off expertly.

There's been plenty of reasons banded about the popularity of this new 'do: some A List stylists claim it's a rebellion against beachy undone-ness that's been a long time coming, while some social commentators say it's a sign of us all feeling more wealthy, as shorter styles take more maintainence. Whatever it is, we're utterly gleeful at the prospect of a new trend to sink our teeth into, and we're loving how each star puts their own spin on the do. Sienna looks indie and edgy with her undercut version, Rosie looks glamorous with hers, and Kate will probably look nonchalant and breezy with hers. Only time will tell how she’ll style it up on the red carpet.

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